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The symbiotic relation is commensalism. Their relation is through the symbiotic relationship. The symbiotic relation is commensalism. Their relation is through the symbiotic relationship. The symbiotic relation is commensalism. Their relation is through the symbiotic relationship. The symbiotic relation is commensalism. Their relation is through the symbiotic relationship.

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This worm has a larval form called a bladder worm

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Cephalization is associated with the

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Q: How are leeches and fish in the same relationship?
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What symbiotic relationship is the leeches and fish?


Relationship between leeches and fish?

they both live in water

Why is the relationship between Leeches and Fish commensalism?

i dont know this problem so get a life

What eats leeches?

Fish!Fish love worms and leeches are essentially blood sucking

What does a leech do for a fish?

Leeches = Fish food! Leeches are like worms and as you know, fish love worms!

Do fish eat leeches?

yes, leeches are sometimes bate for fishing

What kind of fish eat leeches?

Hungry fish.

Are leeches fish?

No, they are "annelid worms".

What animals eat leeches?

The most important predators on leeches are waterfowl, fish, aquatic insects, crayfish and other leeches specialized for predation on leeches.

What is the symbiotic relationship between leeches and monkeys?

The leeches suck out the monkeys blood. Does anyone have a better answer?

What type symbiosis between leeches and fish?


Do leeches eat mosquito larvae?

No, leeches stand little chance of catching the very quick mosquito larvae. Leeches tend to feed on fish, often attaching themselves to the fish right before they are swallowed and then moving to the gills where they suck the fish's blood.

What do leeches eat and what eats leeches?

Leeches eat small insects and molluscs some can even eat small fish Leeches are eaten by fish... in fact they are used as fishing bait especially for catfish and salmon Leeches can also drink blood. some are even used in medicine to drink bad blood or eat dead skin.

How are leeches and lamprey different?

Leeches are segmented worms, while lampreys are fish which have small fins and a tail. Leeches are always parasitic while some species of lamprey are not.

What is an example OF parasitism in a POND?

Leeches attaching to fish or turtles

What eats a leech?

Fish, turtles, and birds eat leeches.

What is leeches relationship to man?

Leeches are known as parasites but they can be useful in medicine. After surgery, some doctors use leeches to prevent dangerous swelling near a wound. Also, leeches make a useful chemical that people can use.

What if there is the same amount of leeches and peers?

When there is the same amount of leeches and peers on a torrent, the file may take longer to download.

What do lake fish eat?

It depends on what type of fish it is, some can eat other fish, leeches, FISH FOOD, several others!

Do leeches kill goldfish?

yes, leaches kill gold fish

What do fish in a lake eat?

they eat plants and some smaller fish,leeches, and other stuff of that nature.

Are earthworms and leeches members of the same phylum?

Yes, earthworms and leeches both belong to the phylum Annelida.

What type of animals eats leeches?

Leeches are flat worm-like animals found in ponds and lakes. To keep leeches under control in a water setting, it is important to have fish around that will eat the leeches. Redear sunfish are good leech eaters.

Symbiotic relationship between leeches and humans?

i realy dont know hehe

What do small wild lake fish eat?

they eat insects, fish food, leeches, snals , and small crabs