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meteoroids are small asteroids.

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No, meteoroids are smaller than asteroids.

They are alike except for their size-meteoroids are smaller than asteroids.

Yes, meteoroids are smaller than comets and asteroids.

Comets are dirty snowballs, meteoroids are small parts of asteroids, and asteroids are similar to the material that formed into the planets.

Asteroids are larger than Meteoroids.

Small asteroids are called meteoroids.

Meteoroids are small bodies that travel through space. Meteoroids are smaller than asteroids; most are smaller than the size of a pebble. Meteoroids have many sources. Most meteoroids come from asteroids that are broken apart by impacts with other asteroids. Other meteoroids come from the Moon, from comets, and from the planet Mars.

Asteroids are larger. Meteoroids range in size from sand to boulders. Asteroids range in size from a few tens of feet to several hundred miles.

No. They are smaller. Meteoroids are 1 meter across or smaller.

Between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter is the asteroid belt, which contains the bulk of the solar system's asteroids. Where there are asteroids the are undoubtedly meteoroids.

small asteroids are called meteoroidsminor planet or planetoids

Asteroids comets and meteoroids all are masses of land sometimes inflamed and usually come from parts of planets hurtling through space.

Answer : meteoroids come from comets or asteroids.

the asteroids and meteoroids.

Not exactly. Asteroids and meteoroids fall into the same category of object, the only difference being that asteroids are larger.

They vary in size, but normally very big

PlanetsAsteroidsMeteoroidsSpecific Satellites

Usually comets are icy as that is why you see the icy trail, but asteroids can be icy too.

Yes, an Asteroid is larger than a Meteoroid.

asteroids comets meteoroids meteor meteorites

Certain asteroids, comets, meteoroids or moons.

Asteroids and Meteoroids were created when the universe was created or as a result of a collision.

Asteroids,Meteors,Meteorites,Meteoroids,Comets :)

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