How are observations and data related?


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observations and measurements are recorded during an experiment.

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Qualitative observations could also be called qualitative data, and would be data not related to exact numbers. Such observations could be warmth, flavor, gender, or yes-no answers to questions.

Observations help you collect the data, which are important because information is what you're after.

Recorded observations and measurements from an experiment are referred to as data. The data can either be quantitative or qualitative.

a data table is a table to place your observations

Usually, when observations and measurements are aggregated, these are called DATA.

descriptive data are observations quantitative data are measurements.

Aggregate data is data combined from multiple measurements. When this happens, the grouped observations are summarized based on those observations.

Using observations, you can discover patterns in data and make an inference

Satellite observations can track the path of storms and weather fronts, as well as monitoring temperatures and other related data.

After making thier observations, scientists study their data looking for what?

Because good observations ensure accurate data and valid conclusions.

A way to organize and record results and observations is using data table

Observations and measurements made during an experiment are called the data.

The observations and measurements recorded during an experiment are called data. It is important to keep accurate data in order to understand the results of the experiment.

In synthesis, you combine the information gathered and form conclusions based on how the observations compare with each other. (This is opposed to analysis, where the individual observations and data are examined.)

* # data collected threw survays. # observations from experiments. # govt records.

A data table provides an organized way to collect and record observations.

Discrete data are observations on a variable that which take values from a discrete set.

No. The data set will remain the data set: they are the observations that are recorded.

K-means clustering is a data mining learning algorithm used to cluster observations into groups of related observation without any prior knowledge of those relationships.

reviews of documentation, interviews, and observations

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