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People are chosen to compete in the Olympics by competing in the Olympic Trials. In most sports, the top competitors from the Olympic Trials are chosen to compete in the Olympics.


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they are choosen by their local olympic committee... normally they compete against the best in their country for a spot in the olympic team.

over 10,000 athletes will compete

anyone who qualifiesanyone who can qualify there are qualifying times, height ecti think that athletes that have been chosen and are physically able to compete in the olympicsLoads of different people from all around the world come to the olmpics to compete

Only people who were entered was allowed to compete in the olympic games.

1 person had completed the us olympics.

55 Fins will compete in the 2012 Olympics.

There are winter Olympics so people with winter sports interest can compete in the games. eg. Skiing, figure skating. Summer Olympics so people with summer sports can compete in the games. Gymnastics, swimming...ect.

no women were not aloud to compete in the Olympics.

Yes, many countries from Africa compete in the Olympics.

no women did not compete in the modern olympics

No athletes can compete in the Olympics without paying.

they still do not compete in the olympics........

The athletes competing in the Olympics have first to be chosen to be part of their national team. You start local and if you get into your national team and your times there are above a 'world' set threshold, your national team can compete in the Olympics with you in it.

An estimated 10,500 athletes will compete at the 2012 London Olympics.

Yes, if they have people who cam compete

witch countries compete in the winter Olympics 2010

10 soccer teams compete in the olympics

One does not have to be an amateur in order to compete in the Olympics. You just have to try out for the team.

jesse owen compete in the olympics in 1936 23rd of april

People compete in the Olympics to compare how good they are in a certain event to other countries/states and to win metals and such. Also in the end they compete to just have fun. Finally, you are representing your country so people try their best. Making it to the Olympics is very amazing and special because you have to put a lot of effort into it so if you even get the chance to go, most people would.

India does compete in the Olympics. In fact, they have 96 athletes partcipating in the 2008 games.

You must be at least 16 to compete in any event in the Olympics.

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