How are pitch and volume alike?

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you can adjust them to b higher or lower

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Q: How are pitch and volume alike?
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How are pitch and volume alike and different in terms of frequency and amplitude?

If you change the frequency of a sound wave, then the pitch will change. If you change the amplitude, then the volume (or noise level) of the sound will change. They are alike in that they both alter the the way something sounds, but different in that they alter something different.

How is pitch different from volume?

Pitch=Frequency Volume=Amplitude

The difference between pitch and volume?

The difference between pitch and volume is pitch is tone, and what a sound is, and volume is how loud a sound is.

How do we measure pitch and volume?

We measure pitch with frequency and volume with amplitude.

How are mixtures solutions and compound all alike?

they are alike cause of the solvent and the volume of mass

How is length and volume alike?

They are both units of measurement

What is the difference between pitch and volume?

Pitch is related to a sound's frequency. Volume is related to its amplitude.

True or false a sound with a high volume always has a pitch?

False. Pitch and volume are unrelated.

Does speed of sound have pitch or volume?

"speed" does not have pitch or volume. it is the distance covered over time.

What is a relationship of frequency and volume and amplitude and pitch?

Frequency is related to pitch; volume is related to amplitude.

How is pitch related to music?

pitch is also known as frequency ,it is an factor which determines volume of media .if pitch increses the volume will be decresed.

How are pyramids and a cone alike?

Volume of both is divided by 3

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