How are polders made?

Updated: 9/16/2023
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They are made up of Peat and help protect houses from floods!!!!

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Q: How are polders made?
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Which landform is most affected by creation of polders?

River deltas are the most affected by polders. Polders are common in the Netherlands.

What has the author Paul Wagret written?

Paul Wagret has written: 'Polders' -- subject(s): Polders, Reclamation of land 'Les polders' -- subject(s): Polders, Reclamation of land 'French and Italian Riviera' -- subject(s): Guidebooks

What are the areas that have been drained or pumped dry in the Netherlands called?

The areas of the Netherlands that were once under water and now are land are called "polders". These are protected from being flooded with seawater by a system of dikes, canals, and windmills. There is a saying in the Netherlands that "God made the earth, but the Dutch made the Netherlands". Many people in the Netherlands live on land that is younger than they are.

What and where are polders?


What European country are polders most commonly found in?

Netherlands are the only country in Europe with Polders.

What are the ratings and certificates for De polders - 1950?

De polders - 1950 is rated/received certificates of: Belgium:KT

What is land reclaimed from sea especially in the Netherlands?

in the Netherlands we call reclaimed land "polders"

How are chinampas like polders?

they are both used for farming and their useful :)! the polders are not triangular they are like a normal land. just flat:)! -

How has the location of the Benelux countries influenced their history?

Since they're surrounded by water/coastal areas, they made polders and dikes.

What countries are polders located?

The Netherlands

Why did Holland build polders?

to wet the land

How are polders mantained?

john Robert Holmes