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How are pyramids and a cone alike?

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Volume of both is divided by 3

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How are cones and pyramids alike and how are they different?

Both cones and pyramids have one base and they all have a vertex, or they all come to a point. That is what makes them alike. What make them different is that a cone has one curved edge at its base, and a pyramid has 6 to 8 edges which is not curved

Are pyramids a cone?

its kinda like a cone but it has more corners

How is a pyramid alike from a cone?

A pyramid and a cone are alike because they are both are like in the same shape.

How are pyramids and cubes alike?

how are a cube and a pyramid alike

How are a cone and a pyramid alike?

A cone and a pyramid both have an apex.

How are the cone and pyramids alike?

The cone and the pyramid both have a base and a tip. The cone has a circular base and only 2 faces, 1 edge, and 1 vertex. The pyramid can have 4 verticies, 6 edges, and 4 faces; or 5 verticies, 8 edges, and 5 faces.

How are the pyramid and cone alike?

what is a shape of a camera

How a cone and cube alike?

They both have vertices.

How are a rectangular and a triangular pyramid alike?

Rectangular pyramids and triangular pyramids both have triangular faces.

Describe how a cylinder and a cone are alike?

A cylinder can be considered a cone whose apex has moved to infinity.

How are cone and cylinder and sphere alike?

a cylinder is like a soup can. and a cone is like a party hat.

How are cylinder and a cone not alike?

because on the top their circles

How are a cone and a cube alike?

They are alike by the 3d dimension they have other wise nothing else is comparable

How are triangular prisms and pyramids alike?

They both have a triangular shape

How are a cylinder and a cone are alike?

they both have a round and flat base

How are pyramids and prisms alike?

Both pyramids and prisms are three dimensional. Both of them have polygon faces. Another thing common about pyramids and prisms is that they have a base and faces.

How are pyramids and cones alike and differant?

Pyramids and cones are both kind of similar but also very different. You can say that the cone has no vertex (something that may be confusing because of what a book says) but a cone really does not have any vertex because there are no line segments or faces that are only faces (the circle is both a base and a face) You can say they are similar because they both have only one base Hope this helped - Harry

How are pyramids and mastabas alike?

Pyramids and mastabas are alike in that they were both the final resting places for the royalty and nobility of ancient Egypt. Mastabas were the first step toward the development of pyramids. The first step pyramids were several mastabas stacked on top of each other. Each level was slightly smaller then the first.

Explain how a pyramid and a cone are alike and different?

a pyramid and a cone are alike because they both have a flat side on the bottom and they can slide. they are different because a pyramid has 5 flat sides on the sides and 1 flat side on the bottom part. a cone can roll but a pyramid can't roll like the cone.

How the cone and rectangular are the alike?

they don't look a like because a cone has one flat circle on the bottom an a triangle has six.

How are a cone and square pyramid alike?

They are solid shapes that taper to a point.

How are a cone and triangular prism alike?

They are both 3 dimensional objects

How are cylinders and cones different and alike?

Different:cylinders and cones are different because cylinders have paralle sides and a cone does not because it has a base and a vertex so that mean that the cone comes up to a pointAlike: The cylinder and cone are both three-dimensional figures. They both have to do with geomatry.

How are the cone and cylinder alike?

a cone is like an upside down ice cream cone. and a cylinder is like a glue stick. both have at least one plane and several edges.

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