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Q: How are radio waves used in a taxi cab?
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What is the purpose of the counterweight in an elevator?

counterweight carried by an elevator cable to balance the weight of an elevator cab; the counterweight travels upward when the cab travels downward, and vice versa; usually composed of steel plates stacked within a frame.

How much does a dodge 3500 dually pickup truck weigh?

2004 dodge ram 3500 crew cab dually 1/2 tank of fuel 8000 lb,

A fully loaded slow-moving freight elevator has a cab with a total mass of 1400 kg which is required to travel upward 45 m in 4.7 min starting and ending at rest The elevator's counterweight has a?

Not clear what your question is

Which way should you face your car subs for the loudest and best sound?

Original-:-closet to back of youre car facing the back of your car because this will maximize sound re verbs and reduces distortion giving you better quality wich= better sound.1st Revision-:-Personally speaking, I have 2 Alpine Type E's in a sealed box running at 150 RMS each and I have tried every possible position for them in my trunk. When testing the possible positions I found that putting the subs face up seems to make the most drastic change in bass. I theorize that the reasons would include that since subwoofers are uni-direction they efficiently distribute the bass out along the body of the vehicle. The waves traveling to the back of the vehicle hit the top of the trunk and the back at the same time both colliding in the middle to disperse toward the sub box creating a hard hitting bass. Then in the midst of all this the outer reactions to the waves, cycle to the front of the car back into the cab part where the other direction of the wave-dispersment was continuing thus bringing out more louder and longer bass. however the effect of ported boxes can make a difference.

How much does a cat d6d dozer weigh?

The Cat D5 dozer is over seven feet wide. The height of this dozer from the ground to the top of the cab is just over nine feet.