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Q: How are real and virtual images produced?
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Which types of images are produced by concave?

real and virtual images

What types of images are produced by concave mirrors?

Virtual and real images

How do you determine virtual and real images?

A virtual image is formed when the reflected rays meet after they are produced backwards. Whereas a real image in produced by the actual intersection of the reflected rays.

Differentiate real image from virtual image?

Real images can be obtained on the screen,whereas virtual images can't be obtained on the screen

What kind of lens can be used to produce a virtual image?

Convex lens produces both real and virtual images. But concave lens produces only virtual images for real objects. If object is virtual then real image could be produced by a concave lens.

How virtual images are captured on retina?

Virtual images can't be captured anywhere. The imagescaptured on the retina are real ones.

does a plane mirror produces a real image?

"Real" and "virtual" are two opposite, mutually exclusive categories of images. An image is either one or the other, and no image can be both. The image produced by a plane mirror is a virtual one.

What type pf images can a concave mirror form?

Virtual and real images

What are the two types of images in physics?

Real and Virtual.

Pictures of real image formed by plane mirror?

When the incident light rays are falling towards the mirror in such a way that the light rays after falling on the mirror meet at any point in front of the mirror than an image is formed in front of the mirror which can be taken on a screen and as the image can be taken on a screen it is known as a real image. So, plane mirrors can form real images.

Is a girl standing close to a cosmetic mirror while applying lipstick a real or virtual image?

Images in mirrors are virtual images.

What are the uses of real images and virtual images?

Virtual images are used inreading laterally inverted words such as the word ambulance spelt in the reversemagnifying glassesspectaclesReal Images are used incamerasin the eyesprojectorsmicroscopes