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reproduction is basically having a baby. Heredity is the traits that are passed down by the parents to the offspring (the baby). They are similar because when you reproduce and receive a child, heredity will make them look and on occasions act like the parents. They kind of work together in a way. It's kind of hard to explain, do you get it?

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Q: How are reproduction and heredity similar?
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What reproduction requires the passing of DNA from parent to their offspring?

sexual reproduction. since it alllows varriaations .

What type of the reproduction process supports heredity?

Sexual reproduction , ofcourse ........

What will happen if you have variation differential reproduction and heredity?


How do parents pass traits?

through sexual reproduction

What helps in cell reproduction?

the heredity material & rhibosomes

How are Reproduction and heredity are different?

Reproduction is the act of producing offspring, nothing more. Heredity is the transfer of genetic characteristics to those offspring. Those genetic characteristics pass down from generation to generation, extending far beyond the immediate act of reproduction.

How is the genetic material of a parent inherited by offspring in sexual reproduction?

The most common answer to this question is heredity.

What is the keyword of heredity?

genes which are located at chromosomal length and inherited through sexual reproduction.

How does the mechanism of heredity?

The mechanism of heredity work in the following ways-1.They transfer characters from parent to offsprings in the form DNA.2. DNA is the basic unit of inheritance, during reproduction this DNA copies itself in the offspring, its similar to the main DNA , similar because there may be some errors too.3. Moreover in Sexual reproduction the DNA of both parents work inheriting the characters of both parents.4. It also helps in providing such offsprings which are similar to the parents. One of most important benefit is that it helps the offsprings in the current surroundings

What is the type of bacterial reproduction that is most similar to sexual reproduction is?

Asexual reproduction

Are regeneration and begetative reproduction are similar methods of reproduction?

Yes they re similar and have the same cells

Evolution by natural selection involves what three factors?

there is variation in traits , differential reproduction and last is heredity