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The schools are great in Arizona. You have many top high schools and colleges.

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Q: How are schools in Arizona ranked compared to the rest of the country?
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What is Arizona ranked?

Arizona is #16 in population.

What is the most prestigious university in Arizona?

While prestige is largely opinion, the highest ranked public school in Arizona is the University of Arizona located in Tuscon, Arizona. It is ranked 124 according to U.S. News & World Report. Arizona State University is close behind ranked 132.

What is the crime rate in Arizona and how do the schools rate?

IDK about the crime rate here, in my area (Gilbert) it's very low but we are the safest town in the state. Arizona is ranked 48th in education. ahead of only Alabama and Mississippi.

Where does Arizona rank at for population in the US?

Arizona is ranked 15th on the scale of 1 to 50! i think

What is Woodstock school ranked in India?

It is ranked first among all the international schools. The sister concern KIS is ranked second.

Is the education provided in high schools of foreign countries superior to the high schools in the United States?

The US public school system is ranked highly compared to those in other countries around the world, but not as high as countries such as Japan and Canada.

How is Nigeria international school Cotonou ranked among secondary schools in Nigeria?

I don't know about schools in Nigeria ,but i know it is ranked highly in Benin Republic.

What are the topped ranked business schools?

According to some of the top ranked business schools are the University of Michigan, Stanford, Harvard and Columbia. Other business publications show similar schools in their lists.

How big is the state of Arizona?

Arizona is 113,998 square miles. It is ranked 14 in size among all the states.

Where is earth ranked in size compared with the other planets?


Where is Texas ranked in population compared to the other states?


What Arizona hotels are ranked as having the best service?

Some Arizona hotels that are ranked as having the best service include the Westin Phoenix Downtown and Goodyear Hotels. These rankings are all provided by the website Expedia.