How are sharks treated?

Updated: 12/17/2022
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Many people don't know that sharks are not a great predator to humans. The only reason why humans get attacked is because they look like shark's prey, we have an open wound (its just and instinct for the shark), or we are threatening them. Since many people don't understand this sharks are being hunted and killed. Also when the sharks are killed we have bigger problems. The first thing that can happen is that the sharks become more aggressive towards us. Then next thing that can happen is that there will be less sharks thefore less seals being hunted and the seals hunt the fish that we catch and potentialy sell so there will not be any fish that we like to eat left or they like to eat so... Sharks become extinct because we kill them or because they dont have any seals to hunt because they have killed all of their food.

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Q: How are sharks treated?
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megalodon sharks, great white sharks, frilled sharks, thresher sharks, tiger sharks, sand tiger sharks, lemon sharks, bull sharks, whale sharks, basking sharks, lepord sharks,black tip sharks. there is 12.

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Mako sharks, thresher sharks and Great white sharks

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no! orcas are larger than most sharks some sharks are bigger like great white sharks,basking sharks,whale sharks and megamouth sharks

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