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Sociopaths are incapable of having healthy relationships. They cannot love, either. Instead, they try to turn anyone with whom they have a relationship into a victim. Their relationships are inherently abusive.


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Sociopaths might find other sociopaths interesting, but would soon fall become bored and frustrated. Sociopaths like easy prey to manipulate, as they like to feel everything is below them. So sociopaths might actually try to avoid other sociopaths.

Sociopaths are incapable of love.

Sociopaths generally know that they are different from others, but not that they are sociopaths. They have probably known that they were different from an early age, and may distrust others who want them to be 'normal'.

Yes, serial killers are sociopaths.

from what I have learned, sociopaths go from relationship to relationship because they are bloodsucking leeches who need to try and copy actions from others in order to seem normal although their relationships (if you can call it that) don't last long. And why is it that the sociopathic person always move into others dwellings and have a small amount of belongins I would say because they know they won't be around long, or am I off base in my answer?

No, in fact, it's the opposite. There are many more straight sociopaths than gay ones.

Society has formed a very negative view of sociopaths, and sociopaths tend to be logical so why would they want people to know?

Yes. Sociopaths lack empathy, not the ability to feel sorrow.

In my experience, sociopaths use religion to manipulate others.

Sociopaths will stalk people, follow people and talk to themselves.

Sociopathy is antisocial personality disorder, characterized by a lack of empathy and remorse, and by a lack of inhibition on behaviour. So the answer is yes, they do have feelings, and anyone claiming otherwise is ignorant. However, unlike normal people, sociopaths lack empathy and remorse for others, and have poor self control. A sociopath may feel happy and cry for themselves, but they won't feel anything for others. This is why a lot of the time, relationships with sociopaths tend to be destructive.

sociopaths know what people want to see and show it to them. that is the short answer.

No. However, sociopaths have a mental disorder called ASPD, or anti-social personality disorder.

maybe, but most sociopaths live normal lives and sometimes emotions that they have makes them snap(DF,09)In fact, the relative normality of the lives sociopaths live aren't necessary what define them as sociopaths, but their lack of conscience. It is quite likely that sociopaths sometimes marry sociopaths - look at some famous criminal couples for extreme examples. Less extreme examples are likely to be found, as this arrangement may be practical for both parties if a genuine partnership is desired.On the other hand, many sociopaths may choose more vulnerable partners, if their relationship style is abusive, and many do not (or are unable to) seek out affinity of any sort.

no most were all psychopaths or sociopaths but all of those who weren't were not famous. also the serial killers killed for a specific reason mostly related to a psychopathic or sociopaths disease.

Sociopaths (like myself) can go back to old relationships, but more than likely not for the reason you are thinking. A sociopath may have a genuine liking for other people, but they cannot necessarily feel the connection between themselves and another person, so if you have a sociopathic boyfriend or girlfriend chances are they love you in their own way, but not in the way you think when you say love. So can they go back to old relationships? Absolutely. Will they do it because they miss you, or love you so much? definitely not. I myself do what makes the most sense, and to be completely honest, I do what can get me the most before I am done. Most people like me will be the same way.

No, infact most sociopaths dislike beign around other people. They find them annoying and stupid.

Sociopaths exist in all segments of society but being a shrewd business person does not make one a sociopath.

Sociopaths actually live shorter lives, on average, due to risk taking behaviors (such as fast driving and getting in fights) and drug/alcohol addictions. However, that does not mean that all sociopaths die early.

No. A psychopath and a sociopath are two VERY different things. Being a sociopath myself, I've taken this into account; Psychopaths act COMPLETELY on whim, and when not so, are possessed by an idea. Once that happens, they never lose focus on it until they get what they want from it. Sociopaths, however, tend to focus on many things at once, such as multiple relationships, multiple jobs, and superficial interests. Hope that helped.

Many sociopaths are plain sadistic.The broader notion that most sadists and masochists 'switch' betweem the one and the other is problematical.Added (DF-04/09) - (speculative)From a physical perspective (as against emotional sadism and masochism) Many sociopaths are sadistic. Many sociopaths are also masochistic. This is not necessarily a case of switching between the two, but just another aspect and stems from a different perspective. Whereas sadism may stem from amusement at hurting others and a sense of power and control, many sociopaths describe a feeling of emptiness or even something described as "sociopathic pain". Sociopaths may then enage in masochism as "pain to kill pain." Of course, not all sadomasochists are sociopaths!

Yes, anyone can be a sociopath.

The answer to this question depends on what we mean by ''intelligent.'' In terms of academic intelligence, sociopaths can perform just as well as anyone else. There are doctors and lawyers who are sociopaths. Sociopaths often believe themselves to be of superior intelligence because they can so easily fool, manipulate and cheat non-sociopaths. The reality is that this cheating inevitably ends up costing the sociopath dearly, and many sociopaths end up in jail. At the very least they end up alienating everyone who ever might have cared for them, which is really not very smart is it? All this stems from the fact there are different types of intelligence. Sociopaths lack social intelligence and emotional intelligence, although they may be very skilled at feigning or simulating emotions to better manipulate the rest of us.

I am not a doctor. But I read Dr. Martha Stout's book, The Sociopath Next door. She is a top clinical psychologist. She states that Sociopaths are almost entirely incurable, as the sociopaths cannot even admit they have a problem (as they think others or society is the problem, not them).

There are 1 in 100. Not all are serial killers but many are white collar sociopaths or psychopaths. These cheat people out of money, are dishonest, and don't think they are wrong in what they do.

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