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They both can be turned into liquids

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In what ways are liquids and gases alike?

Liquids and Gases are both matter, and are not solids.

How are solids and gases a like?

While solids and gases are very different - one can be physically grasped and the other cannot - they also share similarities. For examples, solids and gases are alike because they both have matter, mass and weight.

What can you do to gases but not liquids and solids?

u can condense gases but not liquids and solids.

Are humans gases liquids or solids?

Farts are gases, not liquids or solids. :)

Unlike solids gases can?

Unlike solids, gases can expand and change volume.

If cooled does most solids change into gases?

When cooled gases change to liquids (usually) and then solids Solids don't change to gases upon cooling

How gases are different from solids?

They are lighter in density as compared to solids. Gas are compressible, whereas not all solids. Gases exhibit better flow characteristics than solids. Gases readily react with other substances. All solids are seen by the naked eye whereas some gases are not.

All solids liquids and gases are?

some solids,liquids and gases are dangers some are not dangers

What happens to solids liquids and gases when they are heated?

Solids ---heat---> Liquids ---more heat---> gases

Does radiation travel through solids liquids or gases?

Gases, then liquids, then solids.Good luck : )

How can volume be used to separate solids and gases?

Solids have a definite volume and gases have a variable volume

Would it be easier to separate solutions of gases or solids?

i would say solids but it depends on how good youare with solids or gases. hope this helps :)

What shape and volume properties do gases and liquids and solids have?

solids can have a definite shape liquids and gases cannot

Dose conduction work in solids liquids or gases?

conduction take place in solids and gases

Which of the following correctly describes a soild?

Solids, and gases can not be compressed. Solids, and gases can all be greatly compressed.

What are not like gases?

Solids and liquids are not like gases.

What is the rank of solids liquids and gases in order of particle speed from the highest speed to the lowest speed?

The highest is found in gases, next are the liquids and the last of the three are the solids.

How do solids get into the air?

Solids turning into gases is called Sublimation.

Describe how gases are different from solids and liquids and give examples?

Gases unlike solids and liquids can be compressed, also gases have a much lower boiling point than solids and liquids. Examples of gases are, oxygen, nitrogen and carbon dioxide.

How are gases made?

Gases are made when you heat up solids or liquids. Liquids are made when you cool down gases or heat up solids. Solids are made when you cool down gases or solids. When you heat up solids they make liquids and when you heat up liquids it makes gases. When you heat up gases it makes plasma (plas-mu) but that is very very very very very very hard to make.

Are gases more reactive than solids and liquids?

Yes. Gases are more reactive than solids and liquids.

What makes up solids liquids and gases?

Molecules - They are more tightly packed in solids than liquids and gases

What waves travel through solids liquids and gases?

Seismic waves travel through solids, liquids, and gases.

How does solids liquids and gases benefit us?

All I know is that we drink liquids, breath gases, but how does solids help?

Which has more particles solids or gases?

If we consider a particular amount of space , We get the solids more in number than the gases because the solids are more closely packed

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