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Studded condoms have little studs on them to give more arousal to both partners. When putting a studded condom on your penis, make sure to pinch about a half an inch at the end to hold the sperm after you ejaculate. After ejaculation, pull off the condom, tie a knot in it so the sperm doesn't come out and throw it out in the trash. Men with a big penises will prefer the studded condoms more than the regular ones. Make sure to shave any hair on your penis and testicles where the condom touches, or it will be very painful to take of

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Q: How are studded condoms different from regular condoms?
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Does rough rider studded condoms have spermicide in the?


Why are some condoms studded?

There are lots of condoms that are ribbed, and textured in other ways to add feeling for the female. They add pleasure by stimulating the vagina more than with a smooth surface.

Can you buy small sized condoms?

Yes. There are several manufacturers. I like the Lifestyles "Snugger Fit" and the "Beyond Seven-Studded". If your drugstore doesn't carry them, you can ask. them to order what you need. The lady at my drugstore found some "junior sized" condoms in her catalog and ordered them for me. She now keeps them on display with the "regular" condoms and she says I'm not the only one who buys them. You might be able to get them online,also.

Do thinner condoms have the same effectiveness as regular condoms?

Yes. And to make sure you get this right, condoms are NOT 100% safe. They are just THE safest method.

Are studded tires as safe as regular ones?

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How do flavored condoms feel?

Flavored condoms feel just like regular condoms for most people. Some people find the additional chemicals on the condoms to be irritating to genital tissues.

Can girls ware condoms?

yes they can. there are different condoms for girls.

How can you tell the different sizes of condoms from the box?

they come in extra tight, regular, large, and sometimes extra large. start with regulars and work it out from there.

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Where do you get condums?

You can get condoms from hospitals, they will provide them to you for free. Also most stores should have condoms in many different brands.

What are some different types of condoms?

Here is a comprehensive list of different types of condoms and their quintessential specialties. Depending upon the elaborated characteristics and uses, you can figure out which one do you need and when.Flavored condomsAimed at those who are playing it extra-safe during oral sex, flavored condoms help add a taste to the whole act, making it pleasurable for women at the same time.Textured/Studded CondomsDesigned to give your girl heightened pleasure, textured condoms give the "receiver".Super Thin CondomsSo you are a sucker for the real feel? Then this condom is for you.Desensitizing CondomsDesigned with a mild numbing agent, desensitizing condoms prolong climax long enough to make you and your girl go shooting for the moon together.Glow in the Dark condomsMake sure that condom is exposure to the normal light before use. Then Turn down your lights and turn up the excitement with glow in the dark condomsFemale CondomsFemale condoms are the newest addition to the condom world. Unlike traditional condoms, a female condom is designed to fit inside a woman instead of outside of a man, resulting in a unique yet exciting new feeling.

What do monster energy condoms do to you?

Get you to waste your money. Just try different colored condoms if you want something different. lol

Are there different sizes of condoms?


What are different sizes in condoms?

Because men have different sized penises.

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Why do they have different color condoms?

To make them look pretty

What are different brand of condoms?

Durex, Trojan and Lifestyles

Do condoms come in different sizes?

Yes yes they come in different sizes.

What is the star-studded portion of the flag called?

The star studded portion of the American flag is called the Star Studded Portion.

What are the different method of contraception?

chemical, such as pills physical, such as condoms (male and female condoms), IUD SURGICAL - vasectomy, ligation

What are different methods of contraception?

chemical, such as pills physical, such as condoms (male and female condoms), IUD SURGICAL - vasectomy, ligation

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Which condoms fit the tightest for smaller penis?

there are different sizes of condoms just go to your local supermarket and look through all the different sizes until you find a sixe that you think would be best. you can get different sixe packets so you don't have to waste 100 condoms that don't fit.