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Q: How are the areas of development interconnected?
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Children's development is holistic and each area is interconnected?

Children's development is holistic and each area is interconnected. This development is described in the areas of social, emotional, language, and intellectual growth of children.

How childrens development and learning interconnected?

How development and learning are interconnected

How all areas development are interconnected?

All aspects of child development are interconnected. e.g: a child's ability to learn new information is influenced by his ability to interact appropriately with others and his ability to control his immediate impulses.

What is holistic and interconnected development?


What are the areas of your development?

what do you consider to be your development areas

What does interconnected mean in child development?


How development and learning are interconnected?

Learning promotes maturity and development in a person. As a person learns, they broaden their interests and learn about new things.

How Can you Use Fault Zone in A Sentence?

Fault zones are areas where there are many interconnected faults.

What are the four major areas of human development?

The four major areas of human development are physical development, intellectual development, social development, and emotional development. There is also moral development, but they say that it's not listed under the main areas of development.

What is holistic and interconnected child development?

what is holistic and interconnected development? the development of children is often studied as separate topics. however, each area of development influences the others and is interconnected. for example: Physical development goes into cognitive and social. emotional development goes into cognitive and social social development goes into cognitive and physical cognitive development goes into physical and social and emotional holistic development is defined tin the birth to three matters as 'seeing a child in the round as a whole person, emotionally, socially m intellectually, physically, healthily, culturally and spiritually. the department for education and skills has produced a framework called birth to three matters (read it is VERY good and helpful). it is to support childcare providers and other professionals working with children from birth to 3 years. this framework emphasizes that development should be viewed holistically and emphases the interrelationship between growing and learning development and the environment in which children are cared for and educated. the four broad areas of development featured in the framework are a strong child, a skilfully communicator, a competent learner and a healthy child.

How does the word interconnected apply to systems and subsystems?

Systems sometimes made up of subsystems, which are interconnected to others. These are made up of elements, interconnecting them joins the subsystems together so that they can function. If they, however, were not interconnected they would be separate parts that had no function and would be of no use to anyone. Subsystems could also be a system of itself and many other smaller subsystems interconnected inside would give it a function. An example is a computer. A computer is made up of different parts such as CPU, GPU, RAM, etc…they interconnect with each other to power the computer. They are also systems of themselves with smaller circuits interconnected with each other!

Are the continents interconnected?

yes they are interconnected