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There are two main units of distance used for measuring space distances, they are solar units and light years

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Q: How are the distances measured in space?
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How acurate are the distances in space?

since you measure space in light years, not very acurate. Distances in space are as accurate as the tools by which they are measured.

How are the Distances between different objects in space measured?

they use light-years to determine the space between objects in space

How are distances of planets measured?

they are measured in AU

How do you measure interstellar distances in EVE online?

Long distances are measured in AU in Eve Online. For short distances, it is measured in KM.

What units are distances to stars measured in and why?

Usually such distances are measured either in light-years, or in parsecs.

What kind of distances are measured in millimeters?

Usually small distances. You may get rainfall measured in mm.

How are distances to ballpark fences measured?

The distances are measured from the tip of home plate to the bottom of the fence.

How is the space between guitar frets measured?

The 12th fret is the halfway point between the nut and the bridge. The fret distances are based on that.

What unit is used to measure distances on land?

It depends on what you are trying to measure. Long distances usually are measured in miles. Survey distances usually are measured in feet.

Is miles used to measure distance in space?

No. Short distances (the width of a planet) are measured in kilometers. Distances from one place to another in our solar system are measured in Astronomical Units (AU), one AU being 93 million miles. Longer distances outside our solar system are popularly measured in light years, Alpha Centauri is 4.2 light years away, for example, but note I said "popularly". Astronomers use the term "parsecs" when speaking of interstellar distances (one parsec is 3.26 light years).

Astronomical distances are commonly measured in this unit?


Who measured the relative distances to the moon and the sun?