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How are time and space related?


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October 06, 2012 2:28PM

To understand this claim easier, know the formula, d = rt, which means "distance equals rate times time." It takes time to move a distance. If time was frozen, then space would also be frozen, and vice-versa; you couldn't grow up or move around. This is why freezing time or traveling at lightspeed is difficult.

A moderator of sorts may be controlling systems of relativity; something like the structure of electronic control systems. The components themselves provide the limitations of the speed at which the controller can respond.

speed = length/second = space/time

energy = mass * length / second = mass * space/time

mass = energy * space/time

therefore mass has a constant called a Higgs-Boson that moderates the space/time relationships of mass (i.e. singularity)

notice the recursive nature of mass, versus the scalar nature of speed

the relativistic differences between mass and energy are what we perceive