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How are working conditions today?


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Working conditions today are better than they were duing the Industrial Revolution


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The working conditions were horrible...yah..

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The working conditions in Ecuador are poor compared to the working conditions in other areas of the world. These people must work in unsanitary conditions at times for example.

Usually good, but noisy working conditions.

Yes, it is really true that industry causes air and water pollution and unhealthy working conditions. Even today with regulations, much can be done to fix things.

The working conditions of an equine vet can be very unpredictable. These conditions can be dirty or dangerous for example.

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The working conditions of Lowell mills were very poor.

The working condition in the 1900s were poor. Safety was not a concern, like it is today, and resulted in work-related deaths. The hours were long, the pay was low, and the conditions were harsh.

The working conditions for a social worker will vary depending on the region they work in. In most cases, they will be in regions that are not favorable which makes their working conditions to be rather inhospitable.

As in "Are you working today?", it would be "¿Vas a trabajar hoy?" or "¿trabajas hoy?" For "I am working today" as in actually working at the moment, "Estoy trabajando hoy".

working conditions for a teacher is they need a degrre and they mate deal with unruly kids.

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terrbile. many people died from the horrible working conditions in the concentration camps

The working conditions of working in accounting will be good. You will work in an office setting and will usually work 8 hours a day.

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it is a company that is good and has good working conditions. as a black list would have poor working conditions.

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The working conditions for nurses vary depending upon where they work. In doctor's offices, working conditions are usually not every stressful and the nurse has the opportunity to develop good working relationships with their patients. In hospitals, stress levels can be high and working hours can be long.

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