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Study shows yawning isn't contagious but the fact we have a circuitry system that makes us want to mimic.

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Why are yawns not contagious?

Actually that is a lie. Yawns are contagious.

Are yawns contagious and how?


Why is yawns contagious?

yawns are actually not really contagious. when people tell you they are, it makes you think they are, but they are really not.

Are yawns really contagiou?

yes, yawns are contagious and you can go to

Why are yawns so contagious?


Are yawns contagious?

No. There's no contagious element to yawns, but they do seem to be empathetically suggestive. Many people (chimpanzees and rhesus monkeys also) yawn when they see others yawn.

Are burps contagious?

No. They occur when too much gas distends the abdomen of an individual. no but yawns are.

Do you get drowsy if some one yawns close from you?

I don't know about "drowsy" but I have heard that if someone near you yawns, you yawn too. Like yawns are contagious. Yawns don't mean that you're tired. It also means that you're not getting enough oxygen, but that has not been scientifically tested.

Do you get sleepy when some one yawns?

Yes. It is proven that yawning is very contagious. Even in dogs and other animals!

Is it true that yawns are contagious?

Using the dictionary definition of 'contagious' , No they are not since yawns are not passed on by physical contact as would be the case for contagion. I suspect the questioner meant to ask whether yawns are capable of being passed on to another person. The answer to this question is yes, since by a process of suggestion the person witnessing the yawn receives a subconscious signal telling them that they too can enjoy the relaxation and release that the other person is experiencing. This will then result in them yawning in sympathy with the other person.

What is the difference between genetic disease and contagious disease?

A genetic disease is inherited genetically and contagious disease means that its easily transmitted by contact. For an example, yawning is contagious, once u or any other person yawns that yawn will soon get to someone and then they will yawn.

What do you say when someone yawns?

if someone yawns you say 'I agree'

What does 1 and 2 and 3 yawns mean?

1 yawn means you are tired. 2 yawns means you need a nap. 3 yawns means you need to go to sleep.

What is Indian name he who yawns?

"He Who Yawns" was the actual name of Geronimo (Goyahkla), leader of the Apache band in Arizona.

If a hippo yawns can you relax or should you run?

When a hippo yawns, it signals that he is about to charge or fight. Definitely run.

Why do we get the urge to stretch when we yawn and while your at it why do we yawn thanks guys?

yawns are contagious becuase when we see another person yawn our brain sees it as that person is gasping for air and they dont have enough oxygen so as a defense mechenisme we will yawn also.

What does it mean when your dog yawns frequently?

He is tired

What does it mean when a mandrill yawns?

I smell a troll.

Is it normal when someone yawns while sleeping?


What is the record for the most yawns in one day?


How do you spell ywans?

This is likely the transposition of the word "yawns."

What causes a yawn and is a yawn really contagious?

Yawns are in fact contagious as it is a subconscious effect of our mind. When yawning we gain more oxygen then we would breathing. When the brain thinks that there is a lack of oxygen in a given space, due to the other person yawning, and you do as well, you are effectively trying to steal the oxygen from the other person to ensure you live. This also explains why dogs will yawn when a human does, and vice versa.

When does a dog yawn?

A dog is like a human , it yawns when it is tired or about to go to sleep! :D It also yawns as a sign of disapproval, or when it is stressed, and needs to calm itself down.

If a hippo yawns in your face can you relax or should you look for a place to hide?

If a hippo yawns in your face, you're pretty much dead. Their jaws can crush you in one bite.

What is a sentence for the word contagious?

This is not a contagious disease.The virus is contagious.