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How auditing begins where accounting ends?


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Auditing begins where Accountancy ends.


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Says, Bisworanjan Nayak. Lets start with the objective The objective of financial accounting is to prepare accounts, trial balance, financial statements etc The objective of auditing is to express an opinion thereon Auditing starts where accounting ends Auditing is the big brother of accounting Accounting involves more numbers Auditing involves checking these numbers However, more math is involved in accounting Accounting is concerned with details like transactions, account balances etc Auditing gives usually cursory view on accounts Accounting is a routine function Auditing gives an opinion on this function Accounts requires less specialized skills Auditing requires more specilised skills Accounting is usually less remunerative to an individual Auding is usually more remunerative to an individual I think this should help you to understand the job role of an accountant vis-a-vis auditor. In conclusion, Auditing is more interesting, challenging, dynamic, remunerative than accounting in general.

accounting can be divided into branches whereby auditing is in only one Field

auditing is a review process,usually of accounting procedures

The difference between accounting and auditing?"

simply stated; accounting is recording, whereas, auditing is verifying the recorded information

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Auditing investigates account details, bookkeeping methods, procedures, and practices. If any irregularities or suspicious situations are noted an investigation may be recommended.

Interesting dissertation topics for auditing can be difficult to come up with without broadening the topic to accounting as well. One topic could be just auditing itself. Others could be accounting methods, online accounting, and bookkeeping.

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International accounting and auditing expert

Management accounting starts where financial accounting ends

Accounting is the management of all moneys in a company. Auditing is when all accounting practices are looked over with a fine tooth comb. Many companies will have an annual audit each year.

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The similarities between auditing and accounting is that both are concerned with keeping records of a business. The other similarity is that both ensure that the correct financial statement of a business are prepared.

Statistics are used in auditing. Auditing a large company with millions of transactions would be impossible. So auditors pull a statistical sample to determine if accounting records are correct.

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