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How bacteria are helpful to other organisms?

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What organisms are bacteria harmful to?

There are harmful to all organisms, but some bacteria are helpful in many ways.

Can helpful bacteria digest dead organisms?

Yes .

What are three ways that bacteria affect other organisms?

how does bacteria affect other organisms

Which organisms are most helpful in preventing Earth from being covered with the bodies of dead organisms?

Bacteria, fungi, any type of decomposers.

What are three ways bacteria effects other organisms?

bacteria are organism that help other organisms cause of what they do

How do bacteria differ from other single -celled organisms?

How do bacteria differ from other single-celled organisms

Why are fungi and bacteria so important and helpful in preventing the Earth from being covered with dead organisms?

They break down organisms into soil

How are bacteria cells differ from cells of other organisms?

bacteria cells cause u to get sick. other cells from other organisms can cause death.... i think...

How are Bacteria Helpful?

Bacteria is helpful becao

Are bacteria multicellular organisms?

No. Bacteria are single-celled organisms. They form colonies of cells with each other but they are not considered multicellular.

What is a single celled organisms that can be helpful or harmful contain no nucleus found everywhere on Earth?

Bacteria *facepalm*

What are two ways in which bacteria are helpful?

1) Bacteria break down dead organic material so that it can be used by other organisms. 2) Our bodies are full of good bacteria and they protect us from some harmful bacteria. Bacteria in the large intestine help break down food into usable components.

How are bacteria different from all other living things?

Bacteria and arche bacteria are only prokaryotic organisms.

What are organisms that inherit in pairs from each other?


Does bacteria eat other organisms?


What are the other organisms besides fungi and bacteria?


What do bacteria have in common with the cells of other living organisms-?

Bacteria multiplies like other living organisms so they can do the jobs they're supposed to.

How do heterotrophic bacteria get their energy?

Heterotrophic bacteria get their energy by feeding on other organisms. Your welcome

How are bacteria different from other single-celled organisms?

Bacteria doesn't have a nucleus.

Non pathogenic organisms?

these are organisms that are not harmful or do not cause a problem in general eg the bacteria that live in the digestive tract and are helpful in the digestive process. the bacteria food in food bio-yogurt, some cheese etc

Do bacteria decompose other bacteria?

Some bacteria will consume other bacteria, but in general, individual bacterium are simple enough organisms that they break down entirely on their own.

How is bacteria helpful to us-?

There are several ways that bacteria are helpful to us. They can eat other substances that can harm people. They allow us to have sour cream and yogurt. Both of these products need bacteria.

What is responsible for the decay of dead organisms?

Bacteria and other small organisms, such as insects are responsible for the decay of dead organisms.

What is the difference between helpful and harmful bacteria?

Harmful bacteria will harm you. Helpful bacteria will help you.

Is it true that 99 percent of bacteria is helpful?

No. 70% of bacteria is harmless, whilst the other 30% is harmful.