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Parvo is a life threatening virus. There is no cure for Parvo but there is treatment available. Your dog needs to go to the vet where they will give you instructions on how to prevent dehydration and probably give you antibiotics to prevent a secondary infection. The survival rate for a treated dog is 80% but its only 20% for an untreated dog. A few months ago, one of my daughter's dogs got parvo. He was pretty late stage when finally diagnosed. He died the next morning despite her best efforts to save him. The vet wanted $400 + to keep him overnight and said it would be at least 3 nights he would have to stay. There was no way she could do that! I told her to give ALL of them 4 tumeric capsules, 1 whole clove freshly ground (encapsulated), 1 slice of ginger (she used crystalized), 4 echinacea with goldenseal capsules, 2 milk thistle capsules two times a day. For the acutely ill one, she gave him water every 5 min with a bulb syringe until she fell asleep. It was too late for him. When she awoke a few hours later, he was dead. That same afternoon, another dog became ill and had bloody diarrhea. I had her give an extra dose. The following morning, the dog was playing and acting fine. The other two never got sick, though they were directly exposed. None had a parvo shot. Vets also want to give antibiotics to prevent a secondary infection. This compromises the dogs immune system and does not help with parvo at all. Turmeric is an excellent "antibiotic." But since it is natural, Dr's don't know or believe. I even cured my son's MRSA with a topical application of turmeric and baking soda and giving him capsules internally. I hope this helps someone. ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: "Parvo" is a word most puppy owners learn, and learn to dread. It's short for canine parvovirus, the most common infectious dog disease in the U.S. Even though it's a relatively new disease in the dog world, parvo's ubiquitous--present at significant levels in every environment, from home to kennel to park. In fact, trying to shield a puppy from exposure is considered completely futile in this day and age. It's a ridiculously tough virus that can survive for months on living things, and even on objects such as furniture, toys, and carpets. for more information click the link below:

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Q: How bad is it if your dog has Parvo?
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Does parvo vaccine make dog contagious?

No, vaccination with the parvo vaccine does not cause parvo virus and does not make a dog contagious.

Can humans give dogs parvo?

Yes. Humans can transmit parvo if they have come in contact with it. Dog parvo doesn't make people sick, but if your dog has parvo, and you touch another dog who is not vaccinated, that dog will also have parvo. Parvo can survive on surfaces for 12 months and only bleach will kill it. If you carried your dog with parvo, then the clothes you were wearing also carries parvo unless you bleach them. If your dog vomits on your carpet, that spot is infected with parvo for 12 months, unless you bleach that area. Even the part of the yard where it uses the bathroom will be infected with parvo for a year.

When can a dog with parvo play with other dogs?

When The dog completely get rid of Parvo virus

Can you get parvo from your dog?


Can a male who had parvo pass parvo sexually?

Parvo is highly contagious. So if the infected dog was near a dog that wasn't vaccinated against parvo, it is possible to infect the healthy dog whether it was sexual contact or not.

What antibiotics can you give a dog with parvo?

My dog had parvo and we learned to give the dog have a pill of Tylenol and pepto bismal

Will Tamiflu hurt a dog?

No, Tamiflu is for treating Parvo in dogs - if the dog does not have Parvo, it does not need Tamiflu.

What to do when a dog has parvo?

Parvo is a very serious illness and if your dog has that he/she should be taken to the vet as quickly as possible.

How does your dog get parvo?

Can get it from cats

Can pitbulls catch parvo?

Any dog can get parvo. To prevent it, go to the vet and get the shots are dog normally needs.

Can parvo vaccine give your dog parvo?

No, but sometimes dogs can still get parvo even if they've been vaccinated. If your dog has contract parvo and was vaccinated against it, contact the vaccine company. In most cases, they will pay for treatment of your dog because their product did not work.

Can parvo return?

No. Once your dog has had parvo, it cannot get it again, same scenario as with chickenpox.

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