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When some schools have a 33 percent dropout rate it is a very serious problem for the future of the US and the individuals. The individuals will not be able to get decent jobs. Some will end up on welfare. Some of them drop out due to pregnancy and drug related problems or crimes. Many drop out because they are part of gangs. This puts a strain on the average worker when they have to pay for government services that have to deal with those drop outs. It also means that less than half of a senior class will go to college because of the dropout rate on their class. We need more kids to co to college and learn the higher levels of knowledge, science, computer science, medical science and general knowledge. The US lags behind on technology and the Asian and some European nations excel. This pace cannot remain because it will affect the economy in the long run.

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Q: How badly is the dropout rate hurting American education and our future?
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