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How big are baby clams?

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Baby clams begin life as a shellfish that is the size of a grain of sand. In order to survive, the babies must eat plankton and anything else it finds at the bottom of the ocean to grow as quickly as possible.

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What do clams start out as?

baby clams

What type of eater is a clam?

The Clam is a filter feeder sometimes. Baby clams will eat other baby clams and baby fish.

Are baby clams green?

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What do baby clams eat from the ocean?

maybe they eat other clams and other fish

Do adult clams move?

Yes. Just like baby clams, they need to burrow in the sand.

What is the baby clams name on SpongeBob?

Ray Ray

What do clams make?

* Baby Clams * Their shells * They do filter the water * A really good chowder (I prefer Manhatten style)

How big is is one of the Snorks?

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What do baby clams look like?

Baby clams look like small, pale larvae. They do not have shells, gills, etc. until they mature, and they do not develop a foot until they are around 24 days old.

Are clams and oysters living things?

Yes, clams and oysters are alive. They are muscles (bivalves). bivalves are a type of marine animal with a shell on both sides. They bury themselves in the sand in the ocean and eat plankton. Oysters can get very big, clams don't get to be as big.

What cind of plants do clams eat?

Clams don't eat plant they eat human flesh and other human baby part HAHA JK !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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How big can fresh water clams grow?

up to 1 ft. in diameter

How big is a baby wrist?

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What do baby stingray eat?

They will eat worms, small fish, clams, crabs, mollusks and shrimp.

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Where can I get fresh water clams mussels for my 35gal Cdn tank locally Scar Ont?

Big Al's Aquarium Services often carries freshwater clams. There is one on Kennedy rd in Scar.

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Can you put a mussel or clam in the same tank as baby turtles?

No, a mussel or clam cannot be put in the same tank as a baby turtle. Baby turtles, as well as adult turtles will eat mussels and clams.

Do clams poop?

clams just do there do do

Were do clams come from?

other clams