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Adult monkeys can grow to two feet tall, not including the tail, which can be as long as three feet. The Pygmy Marmoset is the smallest monkey.

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How big do finger monkeys grow?

Finger monkeys grow in length, up tos13 inches. When fully grown they weigh up to 4 ounces!

Has anyone ever grown sea monkeys and if so how do you make them grow big?

They don't get big.

How big can finger monkeys get?

Finger monkeys can grow up to 8-14 inches in length (including their long thin tail).

How big can a sea monkey grow to?

Sea Monkeys max length is about 1/2".

How long does spider monkeys grow?

Spider Monkeys grow to be 35 inches long.

How old can monkeys grow up to?

monkeys can grow up two be 100 yrs. pld

How do monkeys grow up?

monkeys grow up by getting bigger, stronger, 'faster, wiser and fater so really monkeys are like us humans

How big do some monkeys get?


How big do squirrel monkeys get?

Adult squirrel monkeys are not very big - they are about as big as a squirrel they are 26-36 cm.

Do monkeys have children?

Yes monkeys have babies that eventually grow up to be adults.

Do monkeys have big knees?


What is monkeys in possessive form?

The possessive form of the plural noun monkeys is monkeys'.example: The monkeys' cages were a big attraction for the children.

Why are monkeys and birds afraid of the big harpy eagle?

The Big Harby Eagle's prey are mostly monkeys and birds...

Why do monkeys have big noses?

Be cause they have big fingers.

How old can monkeys grow to?

It depends on the species

Can sea monkeys grow hair?

no they can't

Who eats the monkeys and how?

The British eat monkeys i think................They put it in a big pot.

How big does a capuchin monkey get?

Capuchin monkeys vary in colors, depending on the species. They can grow to a length of 12 to 22in. Their tails that just as long as their body.

Do monkeys grow on trees?

No, but they typically live in trees.

How do spider monkeys grow and develop?

they climb trees

What are sea monkeys?

Sea monkeys are a hybrid of brine shrimp (Artemia), bred to live longer and grow bigger. They were developed by the company Sea Monkeys.

How big do monkeys get?

Monkeys can get up to a weight of 150 ponds or more that depends on the type of monkey

How big are monkeys when they're born?


Can monkeys be as big as a person?

depends on the species

What are the monkeys called with big heads?


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