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1 sq. yard = 9 sq. feet.

238 sq. yard * 9 sq. feet/1 sq. yard = 2142 sq. feet

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How big is 238 square meters in square feet?

238 square meters = 2,562 square feet.

How big is 2100 square feet in yards?

There are 9 square feet in 1 square yard. There are 233 square yards in 2100 square feet, with a remainder of 3 square feet.

How big is 460 square feet in yards?

Since there are 9 square feet to 1 square yard,460 square feet = 460/9 square yards = 51 1/9 square yards.

How big is a acre?

4840 square yards 43,560 square feet

How big is 1600 square meters?

17,222.3 square feet or 1,913.6 square yards.

How big is 56 square meters?

602.8 square feet or 67 square yards.

How big is 2700 square meters?

29,062.5 square feet or 3,229 square yards.

How big 420 square meters?

4,520.8 square feet or 502.3 square yards.

How big is 100 sq yards in sq feet?

There are 9 square feet in a square yard. In this case the answer will be 900 square feet.

How big is 200 acres?

An acre is the equivalent of 4,840 square yards, or 43,560 square feet. So the area of 200 acres would be 968,000 square yards or 8,712,000 square feet.

How big is 860 square feet?

divide by 9 to convert square feet into square yards, ormultiply by (0.3048 x 0.3048) to convert square feet into square meters

How big is a football field?

100 yards long & 53 yards wide. 300 feet by 159 feet equals 47,700 square feet.

How many square feet in a 20 yard by 30 yard lot?

First, determine how big a 20 by 30 yard lot would be20 yards x 30 yards = 600 square yardsNext, convert from square yards to square feet1 square yard = 9 square feet600 x 9 = 5400 square feetThere are 5400 square feet in a 20 x 30 yard lot.

How big 500 square meters?

500 square meters is an area of 5,382 square feet or 598 square yards.

How big is 7000 square feet?

7,000 square feet is converted into 650.321 square meters. It is also converted into 777.7778 square yards and 1,008,000 square inches.

How big is 160 acres?

Answer: 160 acres =6,969,600 square feet0.25 square miles774,400 square yards

How many yards in 939 sq ft?

This can't be answered.An amount of yards measures a linear measurement - the length of one straight line.939 square feet measures an area, such as how big your yard is.You can compare yards to feet or square yards to square feet, but comparing a linear measurement to an area measurement is impossible.

How big is 90 square meters?

= 90/0.3048 feet = 90/0.9144 yards

How big is 1.666 acres?

1.666 acres = 72,570.96 square feet 1.666 acres = 8,063.44 square yards

How big is 80 square feet?

80 square feet can be broken down to equal 7.43 meters. 80 square feet can also equal out to 8.889 square yards. 80 feet will also equal out to 11,520 square inches.

How big is 4000 square feet?

4,000 square feet is the same thing as 57,600 square inches. That also is equated as 444.4444 square yards. This is also equivalent to 0.09182736 acres.

How big is 42 square feet?

Divide by 36 to get it in square yards or multiply it by (0.3048 x 0.3048) to get it in sq meters

How many square feet are in 1 Marla?

There are two competing sizes for a marla:The modern Indian marla is 225 square feet (25 square yards, 0.005 acre).The traditional (Pakistani) "big marla", as codified by the British is 272.25 square feet. (30.25 square yards, 1 square rod, or 1/160 acre)

How big is 4840 square yards in square miles?

4840 square yards = 0.0015625 square miles.

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