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57,000 Square Miles

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Hoe groot is Bangladesh?

How big is Bangladesh

What is the big river of Bangladesh?


How big is Bangladesh compared to the UK?

bangladesh is 15 times bigger than the uk

How big is Bangladesh compared with England?


Which season does Bangladesh flood?

In the moonson season Bangladesh floods the most ever somtimes it has a big damage

How big is Bangladesh in square km?

147,570 km2

When did the Bangladesh floods start?

There have been several floods in Bangladesh. It is a low-lying country with a big river flowing through it.

How big is Bangladesh in sq miles?

Bangladesh is appx. 55000 sq miles. Its the 95th largest country in the world by its size (territory)

What wildlife is in Bangladesh?

In Bangladesh there are lots of tigers but you cant find them inside the town you have to go SundarBan its one of the great place for Big cats. In Bangladesh there are many Many dogs such as bull dog.

What big river flows throgh India and Bangladesh?

Ganga (Ganges)

How big is bangladesh in square miles?

Bangladesh's area is 56,977 square miles.

Is Bangladesh a big or small country of Asia?

Small in size with a massive population.

How big is ancient India?

The current India, Pakistan, Bangladesh were parts of ancient India.

What is one difference between Bangladesh and the USA?

The USA is big, while BD is small.

If India attacks Bangladesh who will win?

It wouldn't happen, Bangladesh is allies with India. But if something big happened and they did go to war, then India has a high chance at winning as Bangladesh isn't exactly the richest country and does not have a very good professional army.

Is their any mountains in Bangladesh?

Yes. there are some mountains in Bangladesh but they are not the big ones type. one can see mountains if he/she visits places like Sylhet, Bandarban, Rangamati, Cox's Bazar.

How many banks are there in Bangladesh?

How many banks are there in Bangladesh?

What is the nickname for Bangladesh?

Bangladesh is the nickname. Official name is people's republic of bangladesh.

Are there any volcanoes in Bangladesh?

No, there are no volcanoes in Bangladesh.

What is the rank of Bangladesh University among the private universities in Bangladesh?

There is no university in Bangladesh only with 2 words Bangladesh University. So there can have no ranking. There are many universities starts with the word Bangladesh (as they are located in Bangladesh). Here are some examples : Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology, Nilkhet, Dhaka (BUET); Bangladesh Agricultural University, Mymensingh; Bangladesh University of Professionals, Mirpur, Dhaka; Bangladesh University of Textiles, Hazaribag, Dhaka

In what continent is Bangladesh in?

Bangladesh is in Asia.

What is the official name of Bangladesh?

is bangladesh

Is Bangladesh socialist?

No. Bangladesh is democratic.

How can we get an exrished Bangladesh?

an Exrished bangladesh

Is Bangladesh in Europe?

No. Bangladesh is in Asia.

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