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Barcelona is the second largest city in Spain with a population of 1,615,908. in 2008

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How big is the Barcelona area in square miles?

Barcelona is 39.34 sq miles (101.9 km²).

Is there a cardboard cutout of Iniesta at Barcelona FC?

As Andrea Inesita is a big success at Barcelona, it is possible it is there.

Is Barcelona a small or big city in Spain?

yes it is a big city

Why is Barcelona not better than Chelsea?

Barcelona are better but Cech and the Chelsea deffence make the big diffrence.

How big is catalonia stadium?

The biggest is the FC Barcelona, about 98000 people

Is there a Pablo Picasso museum in Spain?

Yes, in Barcelona (big) and Malaga.

How many supporters does Barcelona fc have?

Barcelona are one of the two main giants in Spanish football and has a very big support world wide incluiding me.

When was Big Mama born?

Big Mama was born in 1963, in Sant Quirze de Besora, Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain.

How big is fc Barcelona stadium?

98,771 or around there. I kno its 98,700's tho

What kind of art work did Antoni Gaudi do?

architecture. sagrada familia is a big church in Barcelona

How much does a medium big mac meal cost in Barcelona Spain in July 2010?


What do Swedish people like more football or soccer?

soccer. They are very big fans of Barcelona.

Capital of Barcelona?

Barcelona is a city in Spain - it is not the capital of Spain.Barcelona is the capital of the Spanish Province of Barcelona.

Who is the patron saint of Barcelona?

The patron saints of Barcelona are: Our Lady of Mercy, Eulalia of Barcelona and Severus of Barcelona.

Soy de Barcelona?

Soy de Barcelona means: I am from Barcelona.

What city is Barcelona in?

Barcelona is a city in Spain Barcelona is a city in Spain

Why is Barcelona important Why is Barcelona important in Europe?

Barcelona is important as it has a port.

Who is Barcelona derby?

The Barcelona derby is FC Barcelona vs Espanyol

What city Barcelona play at?

Barcelona plays at the Camp Nou, which is in Barcelona.

What is the name of Barcelona football club?

Fútbol Club Barcelona. (basically Barcelona)

Who owns fc Barcelona?

The people, fans of Barcelona own FC Barcelona!

What does fc Barcelona stand for?

FC Barcelona stands for Futbol Club Barcelona

Who is better Barcelona or chelsea?


Which province is Barcelona the capital of?


Where Barcelona is in the world?

Barcelona is in spain.