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Latvia has a total area of 64,589 square kilometers or 24,938 square miles. It is the world's 124th largest country by area. Its estimated population in 2010 was 2,217,969 people.

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Q: How big is Latvia?
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Is Latvia big country?


How big in miles is Latvia?

Latvia's territory has a total of 24,938 square miles or 64,589 km2

Who is Latvia in the book holes?

Latvia is a Country. There is no character in the book named Latvia.

Who was the queen of Latvia?

There has never been a monarchy in Latvia, so Latvia has never had a queen or king.

Is Latvia a country?

Yes, Latvia is a country.

Is the Republic of Latvia the same as Latvia?


Who are the allies to Latvia?

Latvia is a member of Nato.

What is the official name of Latvia?

Republic of Latvia

What are Latvia's allies?

Latvia is a member of Nato.

When was Latvia created?

Latvia was created in 1944.

Is Latvia in USSR?

The USSR no longer exists. Latvia is an independent country. When it did exist, Latvia was part of the USSR.

What are the names of the deserts in Latvia?

Latvia has no true deserts.

Who are allies of Latvia?

Latvia is a member of Nato and the EU.

Where is the town of Latvia?

Latvia is not a town, it is a republic in Europe.

Is Latvia split into states?

No. Latvia is split into regions.

What level does Latvia evolve in Pokemon?

Latvia is a country.

What mountain range is in Latvia?

There are no mountain ranges in Latvia.

Is Latvia a state or country?

Latvia is an independent country.

What kind of hobbies do Latvia people have?

what hobbies do they do in latvia

Is Latvia west of Estonia?

No. Latvia is south of Estonia.

Can you spend euros in Latvia?

Of course, the euro is the currency of Latvia.

What is the capital of Latvia?

The capital city of the Republic of Latvia is Riga.

What unit of measure is used in Latvia?

Latvia is on the metric system

What is the oficial name of Latvia?

Republic of Latvia (Latvijas Republika)

What is the major religon of Latvia?

Christianity is the major religon in Latvia.