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A little smaller than a quarter

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Q: How big is a baby painted turtle?
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Does petsmart sell baby painted turtles?

No it dosent have the equipment needed for the painted baby turtle

What should you feed your baby painted turtle?


How do you tell the difference between a boy baby painted turtle and a girl baby painted turtle?

from their belly markings I think! No, to tell the sex of a painted turtle you need to look at there claw size. longer claws are males and shorter are females

How big do painted turtles grow to be?

A painted turtle can grow to be a maximum of 25cm

How big are newborn painted turtle?

about the size of a quarter

What do you feed a baby painted turtle?

not lettuce. it docent have nutrients.

If the painted turtle is 3 or 4 inches long is it a baby?

No, a painted baby turtle is only the size of a quarter as hatching, the size of the turtle has really no reference to size! Size if composed of age and food supply. a painted turtle is like a red eared turtle which can get up to 8-10" in size depending on the food / environment they are raised in

Why is a turtle called a painted turtle?

The painted turtle is a turtle with a brightly coloured shell that looks as though it is painted.

How can you tell how old a painted turtle is?

the awnser is to look how big its spieces is and see how big it is.

How big can the painted turtle get?

4-7 inches depending on what speices

How much does 1 baby turtle's cost?

Well , it certainly depends on the species of the turtle you are looking at . For instance , a Painted Turtle costs about $30.00 .

How long is the tail on a boy baby painted turtle?

it is very stubby, rather than a girl, who's tail is big in the front and gets shorter. My turtle is a girl, but i have caught a male, and he was full grown.

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