How big is a condor?

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Californian condors have a wingspan of 2.9 meters and can weigh up to 23lb

Andean condors have a wingspan of up to 3.1 meters and can weigh up to 33lb for males and 24lb for females.

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Q: How big is a condor?
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How big is the Andean condor?

The andean condor weighs 18-31 lbs.

A big black bird?

A Condor maybe?

How big is the tallest flying bird?


Does the condor live in the Andes?

There are two species of condor - the California Condor, which does not, and the Andean Condor, which does.

Difference between a Condor and a Vulture?

Condors are just really big vultures.

What is the biggest bird in the US?

The largest bird in the North American continent is the California Condor. Their wingspan can be as big as 10 feet (3 metres) tip-to-tip.The Andean Condor is the second largest. And the Wandering Albatross is the third largest.

Which is bigger the Andean condor or the California condor?

the andean condor

What is the Latin name for condor?

There are two species of condor: the Andean condor and the California condor.The Latin name for the Andean condor is Vultur gryphus.The Latin name for the California condor is Gymnogyps californianus.

Is a condor a mammal?

No, a condor is a bird

How many species of condor are there?

There are only two species of condor - the Andean condor (Vultur gryphus) and the California condor (Gymnogyps californianus).

Played condor in Three Days of the Condor?

The Condor was played by Robert Redford. He was a CIA agent, Joe Turner and his code name was Condor.

Is a condor a herbivore carnivore or omnivore?

As a condor (vulture) is a scavenger on dead carcases, the condor is a carnivore.

What continent is the habitat of the condor?

The US has a species of condor called the California Condor, which of course lives in California! ;)

What is a condor baby called?

At this time, there is no special name for the baby of a condor. It is only called a baby condor.

What bird is bigger an eagle or a California condor?


Are Andean Condor endangered?

Andean condor were endangered

What was a prehistoric condor?

a condor that existed before history...or herstory

Does a California condor live in Peru?

No, the Andean condor lives there.

Is the Andean condor endangered?

Yes the Andean condor is endangered

Is a California condor a carnvior?

Of course. Its a condor and they are all carnivores.

Is a California condor a amphibian?

no, a California Condor is not and amphibian, it is a bird.

What type of feet does condor have?

Condor has very long feet.

When was Condor Laucke born?

Condor Laucke was born in 1914.

When did Condor Laucke die?

Condor Laucke died in 1993.

When was Condor Films created?

Condor Films was created in 1947.