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Q: How big is a giant sea spider?
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Was there a giant spider?

no there was no giant spider

When was Giant huntsman spider created?

Giant huntsman spider was created in 2001.

What is the duration of The Giant Spider Invasion?

The duration of The Giant Spider Invasion is 1.4 hours.

When was The Giant Spider Invasion created?

The Giant Spider Invasion was created on 1975-10-24.

Name 1 insect that is the top carnivore?

the giant centipede they eat snake but not much big

What adaptations does the sea spider have?

sea spider

What was the spider in James and the Giant Peach?

Mrs. Spider

Who would win giant house spider vs red ant?

a giant house spider would win.

What giant insect was Flynn fighting in Tangled?

giant spider

Is a sea spider larger than a tarantula?

the sea spider

Why does a Japanese giant spider crab have long legs?

it is half spider

What eat giant spider?

You, my friend.