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Length Up to 45 feet (13.7 m) Width Up to 102 inches (2,591 mm)
For a typical North American school bus (IC Bus CE-Series)

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How long is a school bus?

Please be more specific as buses are rated according to how many passengers may be seated.They are available in a variety of lengths, depending on the configuration and number of passengers they're designed to transport.

How many wheels does a school bus have?

Answer . Most school buses have two axles and four wheels or four sets of wheels. i.e. one wheel in each front corner and a pair of wheels on each side in the rear. See this link

Failure to stop for a school bus?

Depends on where you live. Added: In most (all?) states it is a HEFTY fine which can range up to several hundreds of dollars.

How do you deal with school bus bullies?

You don't have to take some crap from these people. Maybe you should tell a teacher about it and just talk to them about it. In my school we have peer mediation so people can find out what they can do to make things better. Ask a teacher if they could get the person who is bothering you and talk tog ( Full Answer )

Why do you have big feet?

Because, Usually yOur foot size is based on weight and psi on the sole of your foot

How big is a greyhound bus?

The Greyhound bus fleet is made up of several different models ofbuses, each with its own specs. Most buses will seat 50 to 55peoples.

How many seats on a school bus?

Varies depending on the size of the school bus. Normally, you'd be looking at 44 to 48 passengers, plus the driver, which would put you at 23 to 25 seats (including the driver's seat) for a full sized bus.

How big can your feet get?

Large. There is no maximum size, however most people do not go above, interestingly enough, a foot. A man names Matthew Mcgrory, however, had size 28.5 shoes. His toes were over 5 inches in length. He currently has the largest feet on record.

How big is a school bus?

a school bus is about max weight 39,000 pounds. and can fit 80something pass. total

Who invented the first school bus?

in 1827 by George Shillibeer invented the school bus for a quaker school at abneg park in stoke newington, london, uk desinged to carry 25 children.

Who Invented a School Bus?

The first bus was invented in 1827, it was horse drawn and was invented by George Shillibeer for a Quaker school in London.

What is a school bus?

A school bus is a 4-wheeled vehicle containing approx. 20 seats (excluding drivers') that usually fit 3 children each, containing a total of about 60 children. There are 2 'stop sign' designs; that of where 2 lights flash above and below the word 'stop', or that of where the word 'stop' is covered b ( Full Answer )

Where is the longest school bus ride?

In SD57 ( Prince George, British Columbia) there are high school students who travel 0ne hour 45 minutes, each way, and that is on good roads. In winter that time can be up to 3.5 hours. Our winter consists of 5 months of the 10 month school year

Who drives the bus in magic school Bus?

Mrs. Frizzle most of the time but often Liz will take over as the driver as was the case in the class outer space adventure.

Can sharks be as big as a bus?

Yes, a good example of that is the whale shark located on the east coast of Australlia of the pacific ocean. Unlike most sharks, the whale shark eats plankton and there is a cousin to the whale shark.

What do school bus drivers do?

School drivers drive school buses. School bus drivers transport children between their home and school safely and efficiently during the school year.

What are all the lights on a school bus?

All the lights on a bus are: 4 way flashers (4) cation lights ( yellow ) 4 cation lights ( Red ) 4 strobe light (top of bus) (1) back up lights (2) brake lights (4) blinkers (4) head lights (low beams) (2) head lights (high beams) (2)

How many tires on a school bus?

There are four tires on a school bus because there are four wheels on a school bus. that is true ^ Where I am from, they have 6.

What is overloaded on a school bus?

There are two ways to overload passengers on a school bus. 1) exceed the posted seating capacity. 2) a school bus is considered overloaded when kids are in the aisle. All passengers must fit on seats and leave the aisle clear.

How long is a school bus in meters?

The length of a school bus that is 77 feet long would be 23.4696meters. So if the school bus is longer or shorter it would changethe measurements.

Can you follow a school bus?

Lawfully, safely, and at a legal distance - yes. However in this day and age you run the very real risk of being reported as a suspicious vehicle and having the police stop you and question your motives for doing so.

How big will your feet get?

There isn't an actual maximum or minimum for the size of your feet. Genetics determine the growth of your feet.

What if your on a school bus and your boyfriend fingers you?

That's not something good to do in public. save it for when u guys are alone If you want him to finger you, then find somewhere near the back of the bus where there is less chance of someone walking past and see you, then open your legs and both of you enjoy it.

How many feet should you stay behind a school bus?

While moving, the 2 second rule applies here; stopped, the 'you should be able to see the rear wheels' (of the bus) rule applies. Added: It varies. It depends on the governing statute of the state you are in.

How old is octopus that is as big as a school bus?

Octopuses don't live a very long time. The most is up to 5 years, and that's only the pacific octopus. They don't grow to big as a school bus, let alone a car. But in some species of octopus, they can grow to be the size of a full grown man, at the age of 3.

Is a school bus orange or yellow?

Technically, it's called "school bus yellow", so I guess yellow would be the best answer, although it does look like it has an orange hue to it.

What are adjectives for describing a school bus?

Adjectives for school bus: . Crowded . Dirty . Filthy . Loud . Moving . Noisy . Packed . Rowdy . Slow . Speedy . Uncontrolled . Yellow Synonyms for school bus: . Auto-bus . Double-decker . Jitney . Motor-bus . Omnibus . Transportation . Vehicle

Who is Murph in The Magic School Bus?

This is a great series and I referred to this episode recently on my site when blogging about the show. Murph (voiced by country singer Dolly Parton) appears in the show's 'Holiday Special' episode. She's an old friend of the class' teacher Ms. Frizzle and runs a recycling plant where the kids go on ( Full Answer )

Why are feet big?

so we can balance The idea of big or small is totally relative on what you're talking about. Human feet vary a lot, some are big, some are small (in relation to the "average" human foot.) A hummingbird's feet are tiny, an elephant's are huge. Feet must hold the entire weight of the animal on them ( Full Answer )

Why does a school bus have an emergency exit?

In case of emergency. It is an alternative if the proper exit is blocked. It applies to any place where people go in, and consequences of being trapped there are serious. For example, a school bus has a front door that opens to the right side. If the bus were to roll onto that side, or crash into ( Full Answer )

How do you ride the school bus if you are a walker?

You have to have a parent/gaurdian sign a note saying you are aloud to ride a specific bus route on a specific day. You give it to an admenistator or secretary and they will approve it.

What does a red school bus mean?

Normally buses are yellow, instead of saying it is a yellow bus you would say it is a red bus. The only thing that is changing is the color unless you are wanting to know brands, ect...

What is the bus brand of your school bus?

My School doesn't have a school bus or a walking one we get drove or we walk or ride I sometimes ride or walk I get to choose however our school does have a bus that we go on for filed trips and going of to sport to vs other schools and the brand of that bus is a MercedesBenz

Why does Big Foot have big feet?

Big Foot has big feet because he is giant.big foot is giant because he has big feet.big foot got his name because he has big feet .

Is a dolphin the size of school bus?

No. Dolphins are substantially smaller than even a small passengercar, let alone a school bus. Actually, all dolphins are much smaller than a school bus as myfriend says, except for one, that is nearly as long, the killerwhale, or orca, which is not a true whale, but a dolphin. Grows tonearly 27 fee ( Full Answer )

How many tires does a school bus have?

Most have six. It is possible for them to have four if they usewide base tires rather than dual tires, but I have yet to hear ofthis, and it's doubtful there'd be any incentive for the agency togo to wide base tires, which are marketed for commercial truckingas a means to save weight (not so much an ( Full Answer )