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How big is a suitcase?

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The average size of a suitcase is 28 inches by 32 inches. Airlines restrict the size of a suitcase that can be carried on the airplane and the size that can be in the cargo hold. Usually, a bag that is 16 inches by 20 inches is the largest carry-on bag. The cargo hold cannot hold a suitcase that is larger than 63 inches long.

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What weight can you have in your suitcase?

Depends how big your suitcase is.

How big was the first camera?

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What is the difference between a suitcase and a briefcase?

A suitcase is more general, can be big, while a briefcase is that small square bag.

Can you take InStylers on an airplane?

yeah you can but put it in the big suitcase

How big is a suit case in Linear Feet and Square Feet?

it depends on the suitcase

Can you take your American girl doll on a international airport?

Yes you can, if your suitcase is big enough.

Is suitcase an adjective?

No, it is a noun. But it can be an adjunct (suitcase handle, suitcase rack).

Is a 29 inch suitcase too big for international flight?

No, but who would need all that space

How many syllables in suitcase?

Suitcase has two syllables.

What do you call a suitcase that you wheel around?

A suitcase with wheels.

Sue suitcase has 6 faces The sides of the suitcase are not them same length What shape is Sue suitcase?

Rectangular prism

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MatkalaukkuMy suitcase: Minun matkalaukkuni

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That's they exact way to spell suitcase

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Anyone who travels knows how important a suitcase is. The suitcase is nearly as old as time itself. Present day travelers have a former pilot to thank for inventing the suitcase many use now. Robert Plath invented the carryon size suitcase in 1987.

What is a sentence using the word suitcase?

I will use a suitcase to whack your head.

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The duration of Man in a Suitcase is 2940.0 seconds.

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Is suitcase a compound word?

Yes, suitcase is a compound word.

Does a boy holding a suitcase in his hand exert force?

Yes he exerts a force which equals to the weight of the suitcase. So the suitcase is at rest in his holding

When was the trolley suitcase invented?

Ok, I saw on one of Rimowa (a suitcase producer) stating that they were the first one to introduce a suitcase, in around 1930's. So I'm guessing that Suitcase was an invention of the 20th centuries.

When you are sprinting with a suitcase when is work being done on your suitcase?

Technically, no; work is performed when lifting the suitcase, but not when holding it level. Work IS performed to accelerate the suitcase at the beginning of the sprint, when turning or climbing stairs, and to slow it down at the end; but carrying the suitcase at a constant velocity and constant height is not "work".