How big is a territory of a lynx?

Updated: 9/25/2023
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Q: How big is a territory of a lynx?
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What is the scientific name of Eurasian lynx?

Lynx lynx is the scientific name of an Eurasian lynx

How many lynx species are there?

Bay Lynx (Bob Cat) Canadian Lynx Spanish Lynx (Iberian Lynx) Eurasian Lynx

Are the lynx and the bobcat the same thing?

Yes and no. 'Lynx' is a genus of cat. There are four species in this genus. From largest to smallest. Lynx lynx - Asian lynx Lynx canadensis - Canadian lynx Lynx pardinus - Iberian lynx Lynx rufus - Red lynx (aka bobcat) I'm assuming by 'lynx' you mean the Canadian lynx. The bobcat is a separate species from the Canadian lynx. They share the same genus/family of cats, but they are not the same species.

Are lynx canadensis and felis lynx the same?

Yes and No. First, let's clear out the genus name. Some taxonomist gives lynxes(canadian, eurasian, iberian) and bobcat their own genus, Lynx, while others group them together with Felis (cats). So Lynx canadensis is also Felis canadensis and Lynx lynx is also Felis lynx. Now, the species; Lynx canadensis is "canadian lynx" in common name. They live in Canada and nothern United States and prey on snowshoe rabbits. Lynx lynx is so called "eurasian lynx" which lives in Siberia mostly. They hunt much larger animals, such as boar or deer. In appearance, both lynxes are similar in thick fur, big foot, and tuft of hair at the tip of the ear. However, there is one big difference. Eurasian lynx weighs about three times as heavy as their Canadian cousin. Canadians about 20 pounds, Eurasians 40 to 70 pounds. In their diet and strength, they belong to entirely different league. Basically a Canadian lynx is a big cat, while a Eurasian lynx is a small leopard. However, they may still be subspecies of same species, with changes in diet and habitat result in all those bodily changes. A DNA comparison would clear this matter up. If someone knows one genetic research concerning those wonderful animals, please improve my answer.

How many lynxes are therE?

Bay Lynx (Bob Cat) Canadian Lynx Spanish Lynx (Iberian Lynx) Eurasian Lynx