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41,000 square kilometres

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Q: How big is the Netherlands?
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How big is the shape of the Netherlands?

The shape of the Netherlands is 37.354 km² big, 18% of it is water.

How big is the Netherlands in sq miles?

Netherlands - 16,033 square miles.

What anagram can you make with the words to believed on Netherlands ship sail in Nicholas big a the Saint is?

In the Netherlands to believed the Saint Nicholas sail on a big ship Let's try a sentence that makes more sense -- In the Netherlands, Saint Nicholas is believed to sail on a big ship.

Why is the Netherlands crowded?

Becose the Netherlands is not a big country, but at the same thime there live 16,5 million people.

How big is the netherlands in square miles?

16034 mi²

Which country original big brother?

The first incarnation of Big Brother was broadcast in 1999 in the Netherlands.

What is the price of a McDonald's Big Mac in Netherlands?

2.95 Euro

How big is The Netherlands compared to The USA?

In comparison: The Netherlands is slightly less than twice the size of the state of New Jersey.

What are Netherlands main cities?

The "big four" as we call them here in the Netherlands, are: Amsterdam (our capitol) The Hague (where the Dutch government resides) Rotterdam, and Utrecht

When did Big John Russell die?

Big John Russell died on September 12, 2010, in Leusden, Utrecht, Netherlands.

What sea or ocean surrounds the Netherlands?

The North Sea surrounds the Netherlands. Before the Afsluitdijk (a dike) was made, the Netherlands surrounded the small Zuiderzee (literally 'Southern sea'). Now it is just a big lake.

When was the first big brother show?

1999 in The Netherlands. 2000 in the UK and the USA.

Where is the Counting Crows video for Big Yellow Taxi filmed?

Pinkpop the Netherlands

What countries share a border with Amsterdam?

Amsterdam is not a country . It is a big city in the Netherlands.

How big is Netherlands?

About the size of the state of Maryland USA, and twice the size of New Jersey

What is the absolute location of big ben?

Its NW of Belgium and West of Netherlands and East of Ireland.

Is techno big in Europe?

Well, mainly in the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium, where Tiesto plays.

What has the author Karel Hille written?

Karel Hille has written: 'Big Brother' -- subject(s): Big brother (Television program : Netherlands)

What are the ratings and certificates for Big Tips Texas - 2013?

Big Tips Texas - 2013 is rated/received certificates of: Netherlands:6

What was the Netherlands involvement in world war 2?

The Netherlands were neutral prior to WWII and so did not have a very big army on dutch soil. Germany invaded in 1940 and until 1944 the Netherlands were under German occupation, of which some Dutch resisted.

What event started the viking age?

the event that started the Viking age was a big raid from the Netherlands

What are the ratings and certificates for Ghost Whisperer - 2005 Big Chills 4-2?

Ghost Whisperer - 2005 Big Chills 4-2 is rated/received certificates of: Netherlands:12 Netherlands:9 (slightly cut) USA:TV-PG

What is the religon in the Netherlands?

It's kind of confusing. The Netherlands was Cathlic until there was a big religious revolution then (80 year war/tachtig jarige oorlog) the country was mostly protostant. The Netherlands is still oficially protostant but more people are cathlic now

Where was the first big brother tv show?

I can't understand what you want to say. If you are asking the place from where the first big brother tv show starts then it is NETHERLANDS in 1999.

What is another name for Holland?

Holland is a region in the Netherlands, though the name Holland is often incorrectly used to refer to the whole country. So Netherlands is the answer to your question, though it is technically incorrect.