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Q: How big should a 10 year old girls feet be?
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How big is a 10 year old boys feet then a girls?

My cousin is ten and has size 11 feet

What if girls have big feet?

get her big socks. ( :

What do girls with big feet means?

It means they are genetically inclined to have larger feet.

What do they say about people with big feet?

They have big shoes. My mom says that girls with big feet will either be tall or have big breasts... i dont know about guys tho (its like they all have big feet)

How big should a 10 year old girl be?

4 feet two inches, 70.4 pounds.

What is good sport for girls with big hands and big feet?

Gymnastics would be a good choice

How big should a 13 year olds feet be?

an 13 year foot size should be around an 8 or 9There is no size which your feet 'should be' at any age, generally taller boys have larger size feet, so if you are taller than most of the other boys when you are 13 your feet are likely to be larger too.

Waere is the capsul on big nate?

it is at the playground under the girls feet

How can 11 year old girls make there breasts?

how can girls get big breast

How big is a F-150 pickup truck bed in cubic feet?

It may vary slightly from year to year, but around 135 cubic feet. This is something the dealer should be able to tell you easily.

Is it normal for a tall 13 year old girl to have big feet?

Yes it is natural for a normal tall 13 year old to have big feet

How big should a 13 year old girl feet be?

Everyone grows at different rates -- if your feet seem to big or too small to you now, don't worry. Eventually the ratio of feet:rest of body will be perfectly normal!