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It depends on what you're going to use the flash drive for, but on standard a flash drive should be at least 1gb or 2gb.

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What causes the flash drive to be memory full when connected to a MAC notebook?

The flash drive or stick has reached its capacity. Depends what you are storing and how big your flash drive is.

Can you transfer window xp disk onto a flash drive?

Yes you can if the flash drive is big enough.

Can you back up music on a flash drive?

Yes, as long as the flash drive is big enough to hold the file(s).

How many gigabytes should i get on a flash drive?

The amount of gigabytes you should get on a flash drive depends on your specific needs, otherwise the more the better

How big is the iPads hard drive?

It comes in 16GB, 32GB, or 64GB flash drive.

How do you open a flash drive on an apple computer?

When ever you insert in your flash drive in an apple computer, there should be a sign of a white flash drive on your desktop. Hope that answers your question.

Why is your flash drive not being recognized on your mac?

There are many reasons why your USB flash drive may be not recognised by your Mac, one of the following may apply; - Incorrectly formatted flash drive - Damaged flash module - Corrupted data - USB flash drive detection disabled on your account You should try and use your flash drive on another computer to see if the problem lies with the flash drive, or your Mac. If the flash drive works on another computer, you should check your system permissions, contact your system administrator, or check that the actual flash drive isn't being detected using Disk Utility. If the flash drive does not work on another computer (try both Windows and Mac OS computers), the problem most likely lies in the flash drive itself and should probably be repaired and/or replaced.

How big is an 8 GB flash drie?

The size of an 8 GB flash drive is 8 GB.

Why won't xp backup a 4gb file to a flash drive?

You flash drive has FAT32 file system. FAT32 doens't support so big files. Try to format your flash drive in NTFS and everything will work. Also you might not have enough free disk space on your flash drive.

How do you download a movie to a flash drive?

Downloading the movie to a flash drive is similar to downloading a movie to oneâ??s computer. Simply insert the flash drive into your PC or laptop and it will be recognized as an available drive. Afterward choose the location of the flash drive as the place where the movie should be saved.

How do you download a video from You Tube to a flash drive?

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How can you remove write-protection from your flash drive?

To remove the write-protection from your Flash Drive there should be a switch at the back of it. Flick the switch and your problem should be solved.

How do you boot Ubuntu 8.10 on a Mac with a flash drive?

When you choose the installation partition to install on, choose your flash drive then on startup, hold the option key down, it should show you your flash drive partition to boot up with.

How do you load a file?

From a flash drive, plug it in to the computer and select the drive it is being put in to open it from there. From the hard drive, click "open" and search for your file. From a disk, do the same procedure as a flash drive except it should show up as a CD drive rather than a file drive like a flash drive.

How do you save files to a flash drive?

You simply plug in your flash drive wait a minute (not even) and something should say file detected. Then all you do is save what ever you are saving onto the drive. If you do not get a pop up saying file detected then goto start and click my computer. Then you should see your flash drive there.

How do you convert a 2GB flash drive into a 16GB flash drive?

You can't. You have to buy a 16gb flash drive.

How do you put information in a flash drive?

how to put information on a flash drive how to put information on a flash drive

How do you transfer data from one flash drive to another one?

To transfer information from a flash drive to another flash drive the information must be uploaded to a computer from flash drive A then uploaded from the computer to flash drive B.

How do you load information from flash drive to computer?

Plug the flash drive into the USB port of the computer. Then open up My Computer, which should be in the start menu or on your desktop. Double click on "Removable Disk." This is where the flash drive files are located.

How big is the largest of the flash drives currently on the market?

The largest flash drive on the market is 1025gb. Unfortunately it is only available in china.

Why is a flash-drive called a 'flash-drive'?

Flash is just a name of having your files with you in a "Flash." And Drive is just a word of putting something into the computer. (Kind of like Driving it Into a Computer)

What is the difference between flash disk and flash drive?

Flash disk is a storage while flash drive is a path.

What size flash drive should you get for office files?

8 Gb

What is the conversion of energy in a flash drive?

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How do you download text files to your computer from a flash drive?

plug the flash drive into a USB port on your computer. then open up my computer, and you should see an icon that says something along the lines of USB Drive. click on that, and the contents of the flash drive should appear on the screen. open up the file you want and save it to your computer. Done!

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