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About 3.5 square miles

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When was Warsaw Ghetto created?

Warsaw Ghetto was created in 1940.

When was the Warsaw ghetto built?

The Warsaw Ghetto was built in November 16, 1940

Where was the Warsaw Ghetto?

In Warsaw, Poland.

Where did Jews live during the Warsaw ghetto?

in the buildings. The Warsaw ghetto was not a time, it was a place.

What camp did the Warsaw Uprising occur in?

The Warsaw Ghetto Uprising didn't actually occur in a camp. It occurred in the Warsaw Ghetto. For more on the Warsaw Ghetto, check out the link below. Also - please don't confuse the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising of April 1943 with the much bigger Warsaw Uprising of 1944.

About how many people escaped the Warsaw Ghetto?

I don't think there is any exact figure. There was a tunnel from the Warsaw Ghetto to the outside world, but for many the big problem was remaining free after esacaping.

What was the first jewish ghetto?

Warsaw Ghetto was the first Ghetto for Jews.

Where was the Warsaw ghetto located?

See the related link for a site with an interactive map of the Warsaw Ghetto.

Why was the Warsaw ghetto important in the Holocaust?

The Warsaw ghetto was the largest Jewish community in Europe at the time.

What was the size of the Warsaw ghetto and how many Jews can be putted in at once?

The Warsaw ghetto was the largest ghetto established in Poland. the total of Jews that can be crowded in is about 450,000 Jews. They were crowded into an area of 1.4 square miles that was the Warsaw ghetto.

When was the Warsaw Ghetto established?

The Warsaw Ghetto was sealed off from the outside world on 16 November 1940.

Is the Warsaw Ghetto still there?

No, every building in the Warsaw was destroyed by the SS in April and May, 1943 when they put down the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising.

What was the date the Warsaw ghetto existed?

The Warsaw Ghetto was established between October to November 1940. This ghetto would be the first uprising during World War Two with the 1943 Warsaw Uprising.

How many people lived in Warsaw ghetto when it was sealed off?

When it was sealed off the Warsaw Ghetto had about 450,000 inhabitants.

How big were the rooms in the Warsaw ghetto?

They were of a standard size of the time and place. They were not specially constructed, they were just normal buildings that had been allocated as being in the ghetto.

What happened to the Warsaw Ghetto in January 1945?

The Warsaw Ghetto was destroyed at the end of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising in April 1943. The site (or part of it) was later used as a concentration camp, but very little is known about it. By January 1945 the Soviet Army was in Warsaw.

How many people were confined in the Warsaw Ghetto?

Initially, 400,000 Jews were confined in the Warsaw Ghetto, but soon the number fell.

What was the largest ghetto in Poland?

Warsaw, it was the largest Jewish ghetto of all.

What did the Jewish in the Warsaw ghetto eat?

not alot, there was much starvation in the ghetto.

What was the largest Jewish ghetto uprising?

Warsaw - it was also the largest ghetto.

Where did the Warsaw Ghetto occur?

Warsaw is in Poland. In fact, it's the capital.

Homes in the Warsaw ghetto?

there were many

Who was brought to the Warsaw Ghetto?


What is the largest ghetto in europe?


Was Warsaw ghetto closed?


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