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Q: How can DNA technology affect your life?
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How does technology affect your literacy life?

If this is from Home Eco then: Technology has a huge affect on literacy life. Tech. allows you to explore the world as it is today.

Why do science and technology affect your way of life?


What is difference between recombinant DNA technology and Polymerase chain reaction?

r DNA technology is technology of creating new combination of DNA. While pcr is one of techniques used in r DNA technology for amplification of perticuler DNA fragment

How did industry and technology influence life and affect the environment of the northeast?


How did technology affect life in the 1920's?

it made people lazy

When did DNA Plant Technology end?

DNA Plant Technology ended in 2002.

What are five areas of technology made possible by mathematics how do these technology affect someone life?

they kill people alive!

How did technology affect everyday life in 1949?

There was no much technology is 1949. TV (Black and White) existed but there was not much else.

What is used to make many copies of DNA?

Recombinant DNA technology PCR

What used to copy DNA?

Recombinant DNA technology

How did the cell phone affect everyday life or behavior of people?

it can affect an persons everyday life because to much technology can cause a persons eye sight

What does DNA Technology mean Give some practical applications of this technology that affect our lives.?

Recently scientists have been able to create synthetic DNA, and this means they can make a bacteria cell do certain things, e.g take in carbon dioxide from atmosphere and cure diseases.