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Use the link to a list of model numbers of Symphonic units and see if yours is there. The list can link you to the owner's manual for a given model number. Good luck.

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What is is the Symphonic tv code for universal remote urc-r6?

What is the symphonic tv code for universal remit

Living solutions jumbo codes for an symphonic tv?

I needthe code for a17g0200 item 564351 for symphonic please

How do you program a one for all remote to a symphonic TV?

To program a One for All remote to be used on a Symphonic television, turn on the television manually. Then, hold down the television button on the remote, and push the power button until the television shuts off.

What remote control will work on a Symphonic TV model WF2066?

For Symphonic TV information and technical questions, just call a Customer Support Representative at 800-256-2487.

Where can you find codes for the Philips universal remote cl036a to program symphonic DVD-vcr?

You have to go the tv . manualsonline . com

Digital converter box for a Symphonic TV?

A digital converter box for a Symphonic TV can be found at most local electronic stores. Cable companies also provide digital converter boxes for subscribers.

What is the code for a Philips universal remote for a Symphonic 13 tv?

The Symphonic televisions usually all have one code to transmit the signal to the Philips Universal Remotes. The normal code that works for most of them is 4827-1593.

Codes of a sentry universal remote for a symphonic television?

how do you use a universal remote

What is the all for one universal remote code for Symphonic TV?


What is the remote code for Symphonic WF2702 TV?

The codes are 520, 904, and 906

How do you program a Verizon remote for a GE symphonic TV?

not possible sorry buddy

How much is a 13' symphonic TV?

haha i dont know lol

How do you get input channel on symphonic 19 inch tv?

i need to know to no remote

Zenith remote codes for a symphonic television?

The zenith universal remote codes to program a symphonic television are 0091, 0053, 0155, and 0126. A universal remote can be used to operate a number of brands of one or more electronic devices.

Symphonic tv code for dish network 322 controller?

There are several different remote codes we have on file to program the DISH Network remote to work with your Symphonic TV that you can try the codes you can try are, 632, 569, 733, or 281.

What is the difference between symphonic bands and symphonic orchestras?

A symphonic band hasn't got a string section where as a symphonic orchestra does.

What is the universal remote code for a Symphonic TV VCR Combo?

for Philips the code is 0324

What is the universal remote code for a 27'symphonic tv?

trying on 5220 Thank

Universal remote with no name on it how do you figure out the codes?

i have a remote with no do i program my symphonic tv

Who manufactures symphonic television?

Funai Corporation provides Customer Support for Funai, Symphonic, Sylvania, Emerson, Aventura, Durabrand, Esa, Magnavox, and Misakai brand televisions, VCRs, DVD players, VCR/DVD combos, TV/VCR combos, TV/DVD combos, and TV/DVD/VCR combos. ATI is a partner with Funai.

What site can you find daily Features of On this Day in TV History?

the reshvi

What is the TiVo remote control code for a Symphonic TV?

Try these: 10180 10171 11904 11944

What features are on the sony hdmi tv?

There are many, many features to the sony hdmi tv. You can find all the features and a video review right here at this webpage:

Who is the patron saint of symphonic metal?

There is no saint of 'symphonic metal.'

When did Symphonic Rain happen?

Symphonic Rain happened in 2004.

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