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How can I improve my chances of conceiving a baby girl?

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You can't, really, without scientific intervention. The male's sperm determines whether or not the chromosomes turn into male, XY, or female, XX.

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Does lemon juice help in conceiving a baby girl?


Is it the dad that decides if the baby is a boy or girl?

You cannot decide your baby's gender. But you can do things to help improve your chances in getting a female or a male baby.

What are the chances of conceiving a girl after birth control female hormones?

Girl sperm swim faster than boy sperm. If the man ejaculated when he wasn't very far inside of you, chances are you'd have a girl. The hormones/birth control pills wouldn't have any affect on the sex of the baby because the man's sperm determines the sex.

How do you increases the chances of conceiving a boy instead of a girl.?

You can't its completely random, just depends which sperm gets there first.

Does making a girl laugh improve the chances of you going out with her?


What are your chances of having a baby girl?


How do you improve the chance of having a baby girl?

There are no proven methods.

How do you improve your chances of having a baby boy?

There is no answer to that really, but, if your husband/boyfriend/fiance/ male has fathered children, example 3 girls, you may have a higher chance of having a girl, or not, since you are a different mother. thank you

What does hey baby mean when a preteen boy says it to a preteen girl?

Chances are that he thinks your cute.

How do i make a girl like me?

Unfortunately there's no way to "make" anyone like you. The good news is that there are some simple things you can do to improve your chances drastically to get the girl you are after.

Does taking clomid up the chances of conceiving a girl?

I don't know about that. But I gave birth to girl after taking clomid and one of my friend who was also given clomid gave birth to girl so in my case it is 100%. And I know one more lady she also gavve birth to girl after taking clomid.

What are the chances of my mom having a baby girl?

Well I am no Magic 8 ball, but I would say she has a 50/50 chance of having a girl.

Is it true that you can improve your chances of having a boy or girl by doing certain things?

Not unless you count going to the doctor for an IVF treatment.

Is it true that you can improve your chances of having a boy or a girl by doing certain things?

no.the chance to get a boy or a girl baby are 50%. The gender it is decided by speratozoa and it is casual.If spermatozoa it have x chromosome baby will be female, in case of Y chromosome spermatozoa baby will be a boy. the only things that you can do it is to pay certain labs that will select spermtozoa by chromosome X or this case you can decide the sex of the child before you get pregnant.

How do you have a baby girl in sims 3 PC?

yes! eat 3 water mellons in a row and this will increase your chances!

What are some tips for conceiving a baby girl?

Some potential parents believe that doing certain things will ensure conception of a specific gendered baby. There are tips online to help conceive a baby girl. These tips include eating a low calorie diet, lowering sperm count by masturbation, and having sex 12 hours after ovulation.

How can I improve my chances of having a girl?

Be nice, speak politely, keep yourself looking clean and look like your trying to get somewhere in life.

What are the chances of having a girl or boy?

1. The Chances of having a baby boy and a baby girl is 50/50 because the girls have XX Chromosomes and Boys have XY Chromosomes it's a 50% chance that it sprays some liquid to get the Y Chromosomes so either way its 50/50 chance

How can you increase your chances of giving birth to a baby girl in the sims 3?

Eat three watermelons during your sim's pregnancy :)

What are the chances of having a baby girl if husband has 2 sons from a previous marriage?

For each pregnancy, there is a 50 percent chance of a boy and a 50 percent chance of a girl baby. So to answer your question the odds are still 50:50.

What Are the best foods to eat to help conceiving a girl?

The food you eat doesn't determine the sex of your baby. The man's sperm determines the sex it will be. He has male & female sperm. You'll probably get a girl, because the girl sperm swim faster than male sperm. There are more girl babies born than boys.

What is the chances of a girl going to college in china?

Chances are extremely good!!

Is the baby featured in the HP commercial a baby boy or baby girl?

A baby girl.

Dose Bella have a baby boy or a baby girl?

a baby girl

What are the crucial dates for conceiving a girl?

The dates do not make a difference. It is the sperm that determines having a boy or a girl depending on which chromosome it carries, not a certain date