How can I open my own Auto Repair Shop?

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To open your own auto repair shop, or any business for that matter, you'll need to obtain a business permit, financing and secure a location. You'll then need to hire employees, get forms, advertising and so forth.

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Q: How can I open my own Auto Repair Shop?
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Where can I learn how to open my own auto repair shop? has some info to help you get started

How do you own your own auto repair shop?

To become an auto repair shop owner you will need to have training in that field. You will also need to create name and get a business license. You will then need to rent or purchase a shop for you to do all of your work.

What should I know if I want to open my own auto repair shop?

If opening your own auto repair shop, it is a good idea to do a little research and find out what proper licenses and Insurances you will need for your state. You might want to contact an Attorney who can give you good legal advise. You must first get a location to open up your own shop. Then you should get various license to make sure you are cerfiied and allowed to do so.

To open an auto paint shop, what materials are needed?

I would like to open up my own auto paint shop. What are some materials I must have?

Auto paint and body shop -- Investment and wages?

I'm thinking of starting my own business. How much of an investment would it take to open an auto paint and body shop? How much are the average pay rates for body repair techs?

Are dealers supposed to provide auto repair and maintenance?

They are not supposed to provide auto repair and maintenance but many of them do offer it. just about all car dealers will have their own shop and be able to repair or maintain your vehicle for you.

Do any auto insurers have their own collision repair centers?

No they do not run their own shops. They will try to steer you to a shop they have a deal with to get a cheaper price for them.

How can I find a cheap auto repair shop?

I would start by looking in the YellowPages and comparing prices. From my own personal experience, I can tell you that Midas and Pep Boys are both cheap auto repair shops.

Should I take my car to a mechanic auto repair shop?

You should always take your car to an auto mechanic. Repairing a car can be costly, lengthy and difficult. If you are not a mechanic, then I wouldn't recommend that you repair your own car.

What tools do I need to do my own auto body repairs?

Basic tools such as wrenches, screw drivers, and a car lift will help when starting a auto body repair shop.

Is auto repair career a good one?

The auto career can be very good both financially and personally providing you have the skills necessary. Whether looking to start up your own repair shop or work for an existing one, expect to work long hours, and get your hands dirty! In terms of running your own business, reputation is everything! Customer service should be your top priority to bring financial success to your auto repair shop.

Can your car be repossessed by an auto repair shop if you own the title to it?

Yes if you owe for repairs. But you may need to check state to state laws.

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