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Contact your bank or credit card company.


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you cant. you have to have it down loaded on your computer. you can sign in to your skype credit account though.

If your name is on the account (secondary account member is fully responsible for charges) no - If your name is not on the account, they can ask you to but they cant make you

Charged out means you cant charge any more on your card, & the furer implications it will have is it will slowly make your credit bad credit till you pay your credit card off where their is no more out standing balanc.

You cant! After you have made your account you cant change what you done!

You cant once you've created that account you cant make another one.

A charge card you have to pay the full balance at the end of the month. You can buy as much as you want, but you must pay at the end of the month. A credit card will give you a limit of $xxxx and you can pay that off over years and build the interest until you can never pay it off. So essentially you can buy a yaht with a charge card but not a credit card. The downside to the charge card is the fact that if you cant pay up in full every month, they will gut you worse than a credit card would. Also, charge cards carry an annual fee for their generous rewards points and the risk they incur by backing you.

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what exactly is your question?

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