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You can tell if a ring is real gold or not by putting it near a magnet. If the ring is attracted to the magnet it is not real gold, real gold is not magnetic at all.

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Gold has a High Ping to it, when dropped.

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Q: How can I tell if a ring is real gold?
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How do you tell if gold ring is real?

You could take it to a jewelers and have them check for you.

How do you tell if your ring is real gold?

You could take it to a jewelers and have them check for you.

Is your ring real gold?

A ring to be considered gold must be 10k or above and stamped inside the band of the ring 10k, 14k, 18k. If it isn't stamped more than likely it is not real gold. If in doubt about the value of a ring take it to a jeweler who can tell you about it.

What is the meaning of the stamp 'cg' inside a ring?

I'm Pretty sure it stands for Carats Gold. Not real carrots that are orange and you eat, but carats that tell you how much gold is in your ring.

How do you tell real gold?

We tell real gold by its weight.

Does your 417 ask gold ring have real diamonds?

dose 417 white gold have diamonds

What does 150 18k mean when stamped on gold ring is it real gold?

I have a ring who does say the same and im wondering too if its real or i found the ring actuslly

Is a sapphire and diamond ring real if stamped with JWBR?

I have a white gold and diamond ring stamped JWBR and it is definatly real.

How to know if gold is real?

The best way to tell if your gold is real is to take it to a jeweler to have a scratch test done. They will make a scratch on your ring, apply a solution and depending on what color the solution turns that indicates what you have.

What does MAC and 14KP and x stamped on the inside of a ring mean?

it is a 14 carat gold ring

What does FR 14k on a gold ring mean?

For real

What is 918 inside of the gold ring?

The number comfirms that the piece of gold is real.