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you can actually start building credit by starting a savings account. the way to do this is to add to the savings account with an amount of money that either stays the same or improves (never add less money than the time before) and doing it in regular intervals. for instance, if you add $20 a week, on the same day every week, you would begin earning credit. it won't do much for you, but it's more than nothing. if you aren't sure how much you can add to your account, try a very small amount (maybe start out monthly). even if you add $20 a month, but continue this, it will help to maintain a credit score.

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2010-07-26 19:55:21
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Q: How can a 17-year-old start building their credit score?
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How do I start to get credit to build a credit score?

To get credit to build a credit score, you must take a loan out on something such as a car or a house and then make payments. The more you are on time, the better your score will be.

How long after bankruptcy does your credit score start to improve?

After 7 years, you can start rebuilding your credit.

How many points will your credit score go up when you pay off a mortgage?

That totally depends on what your credit score is to start with.

What is the credit score you start off with if you have no credit?

If you don't have credit, you **can't** have a score, since they are solely based on your use of your credit. The bureaus return a report saying "no credit information on file".

When can a teenager start building their credit rating?

at sixteen

What is a good credit score for someone?

According to a good credit score is in the 700s. Upper 700s is the best, while any 700 is good. If your score in in the 600s, then you start to get into trouble.

Is a credit score of 489 good?

If this is your FICO Score, then NO. FICO scores range from 300-850, the average score in the USA being 687. If your score is 489, it may be time to get proactive and start repairing your credit.

What are some ways to clean up a credit score?

Some ways to clean up a credit score is to start paying bills on time, reduce credit card debt, and open a bank account. Those are the best ways to clean up a credit card score.

What does your credit score start out as?

There is no starting credit score. The FICO credit score ranges from 300 to 850, but if someone doesn't have any credit at all, the score will be reported as N/A. According to the Fair Isaac Company (FICO) you need 6 months of account information in order to get a FICO credit score. The score itself will be determined based on several factors such as your utilization rate, type of account, payment history, inquiries, etc....

Does a free credit check lower your credit score?

It all depends. Like for example if you check you free credit score once a year there will be no harm. But if you check it frequently a year multiple times it will ding your credit and start bringing it down.

Can a seventeen year old have a credit score?

Sure. If they have credit history they could even have an okay score. Some parents open accounts in their minor children's names to start credit early. But most people don't start a credit history until they are at least 18 and can legally agree to the contract terms themselves.

How many point does credit score increase with each negative item removed?

There is no formula for a credit score. Once you do have the negative items removed the scores will start to improve, but no one can tell you by how much.

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