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If you have salt water for an example, you can boil it until all the water evaporates and just the salt is left.

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Q: How can a compound and a mixture be broken down into their original substances?
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What is the term for a substance that can be broken down into two or more simpler substances?

A mixture or a compound.

How is a compound and mixture broken down?

mixture is separted by physic changes and compound is broken down by chemical changes

What happens when a mixture dissolves?

The chemical bonds in the original substances are broken down, and new chemical bonds are formed with the other substance.

What can be broken down into simpler substances by chemical but not physical means?

A compound

Is potassiuma mixture compound or element?

Potassium is an element, not a compound nor a mixture. It has chemical symbol K and atomic number 19. It is not a compound because it is just one element by itself, and by definition of an element, cannot be broken down into simpler substances through chemical means.

Is soap a mixture a compound or an element?

Soap is a compound mixture, an element cannot be broken down into smaller parts. Soap can be broken down into the parts that made it. Elements are pure.

Why is a compound different to and element or mixture?

a compound is a product of reactants that are chemicaly combined(e.g CO2, H2O, H2SO4) While an element is a substance that cnt be broken down by chemical reactions into anythng stable or simpler. A mixture on the other hand is a combination of substances that are not chemicaly combined

What is a substance that cannot be broken down into simpler substances?

A substance that cannot be broken down is a pure substance

What is differences between substances and mixture?

a substanceis pure it can be broken down using physical processes while a mixture can be separated using physical processes and it is a combination of substances.

Can you convert a mixture to a pure substance?

Only if it is a compound, as a compound is a pure substance that can be broken down into simpler pure substances by chemicalmeans. The decomposition of a substance is a chemical process that breaks down a compound into simpler substances or its constituent elements. So, by definition, the answer is yes. However, if the pure substance was an element, the answer would be no. An element is a pure substance that cannot be broken down into any simpler substances by chemical means. It is a pure substance in which every atom present has the same atomic number.

Does a compound have a chemical composition?


A material that can be broken down by chemical method is a?

A compound.A compound is composed of elements. If you were to break down a compound you would get new compounds or elements.