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because they work very hard to earn money

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Q: How can a dry cleaners increase their profits?
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where can i find coupons for this cleaners?

where can i find coupons for this dry cleaners” dry cleaner's coupons

Who are the top rated dry cleaners in North Texas?

Texas Laundry & Dry Cleaners and The Comet Cleaners are both highly-rated dry cleaners in North Texas, with Texas Laundry having won local awards.

Which would be the most likely cause of an increase in cooprate dividends?

an increase of corporate profits

Should you tip the dry cleaners?


What do you do working at a dry cleaners?

you poo

What is the average income of an owner of a dry cleaners in Newark New Jersey?

The average income of a dry cleaners owner is $150,00/year.

Where can you find a dry cleaners coupon for a wool coat?

Look in your local newspaper or visit the local dry cleaners and ask for such a coupon.

What services does Comet Cleaners offer?

Comet Cleaners offers dry cleaning and laundry services, whether the order is commercial or personal. Comet Cleaners is a certified environmental dry cleaner.

What did jefforson do?

He owned and operated a dry cleaners.

Is there any other way to clean a featherbed besides taking it to the dry cleaners?

You can try cleaning it with a very damp cloth in a dry environment, but it really is best to take it to a dry cleaners.

What kind of services do most dry cleaners provide?

Besides simple chemical cleaning most dry cleaners offer other, minor clothing services. Many dry cleaners offer stain removal, mending, button replacement and even minor tailoring.

How do you clean a taffeta dress?

Take it to a dry cleaners.