How can a guy look hot?


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Ok, this is coming from a girl's point of view; one thing I see straight away is hairstyle. I'm not picky on the hairstyle but, if you think to yourself, does my hairstyle actually suit me? You may think on changing it. Another thing is clothes. You want to look stylish and smart at the same time.


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A hot guy is just a guy you can look at and say wow this guy is good looking it's not what other people think it's you're heart saying this guy is cute

if a guy thinks your hot he will hang around you and tell you that he thinks you look nice or say you have nice hair

i look for a cute kid, a good personality, and a jot bod

You have to have the guts to tell the guy you like him,or try to look hot (ex.latest trend).If you like the guy ask him out on a date.

look at the way he acts.. all i can say

He thinks you look good it doesn't say anything else.

by being a very hot guy (; by being a very hot guy (;

I think a girl needs to try her best to look pretty and when a hot guy flirts with you flirt back and this is not a nessecity (depending on the type of guy) show of some clevege sometimes I think if a hot guy flirts with you then you should flirt back and this is not a nessecity (depending on the type of guy) show off some clevage sometimes.

The guy might be into you. Or he just might think your hot , there is a difference. i have done that to girls i like PS i am a guy ;)

The chubby guy asks the hot gal out and the hot gal says yes. Then the chubby guy keeps her attracted by using all sorts of tactics. Unfortunatly, girls do not go for looks as much as guys do. If a guy sees a hot gal, he is after her. Girls look more into personality and the guy has to keep her attracted. Most gals prefer cocky/funny sparks and an upbeat personality. Me being a very fit and in shape guy...hates it to when I see the woman of my dreams with a heavier guy. ticks me off.

That ur so pretty/hot that he thinks u look good in any peice of clothing..

he's triyng to tell you that you look pretty , or hot .....or he's just playing with you .

I'm looking for a fox, im look for a hot guy, on fabebook, hahahaha, lol

Women look for different guys, depending on the woman. Although I'd say that a lot of us would look for a guy who's funny, sweet, sensitive, protective and a guy who calls you beautiful instead of 'hot'. A guy who'll point to you when he's with his friends and say, 'That's her.' A guy who doesn't care what you look like.

You're Hot! Its that simple! :)

It differs from guy to guy. Usually, someone is hot if they really make you stare.

The guy is Buster Poindexter.

it means that they are very attractive

Only shallow girls will look only at the appearance of a guy. You can have a really hot guy and he can be a total creep! And then you can have a not so attractive guy and he can be the nicest guy you've ever met. People have top like you for who you are, not for what you look like. Looks are only superficial and mean absolutely nothing. Viola.

hot and cute and all mine danielles type of guy so back off

wow if this is a guy, you are asking the wrong question! you should look for a girl that's hot on the inside first and then you could maybe start to think they are hot all over! the kind of girl that is hot loves Jesus and shows it in her actions.

For a girl you can wear V-necks(not to low don't wanna look skanky but its hot to have tight shirts too once again not too tight you shouldn't be able to see your belly button outline:) With colors that go well with your skin tone, if you look good in make up apply something like that with matching earings and a nice hairstyle with other jewelry if you'd like. For a guy, bright colors matching outfits with chain neck-lasses and a hot haircut and guy skinny jeans are hot too depending on what look your going for.

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